Should you get Quality Quills Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Should you get this before Chespin’s Community Day?

Image via Niantic

The first Pokémon Go Community Day event of 2023 will feature Chespin, the Spiny Nut Pokémon that appeared as the Grass-type starter Pokémon for the Kalos region. You’ll have an increased chance of encountering this Pokémon in the wild, and it has increased odds of appearing as a shiny version during the event. While the event is happening, all players can purchase the Community Day Special Research ticket, Quality Quills, but it is not required. Should you get the Quality Quills Community Day Special Research ticket in Pokémon Go?

Is the Quality Quills Community Day Special Research ticket worth it in Pokémon Go?

Like the previous Community Day Special Research tickets, the Quality Quills ticket will receive the same rewards. Four tasks will be featured in the Special Research, and they award you various Poké Balls, encounters with the featured Pokémon, berries, a lucky egg, Rocket Radars, and Rare Candies. For those who need these rewards during the event, the Special Research ticket is never a bad idea. It costs $0.99, or the equivalent of this, depending on your region.

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You can purchase the Quality Quills Community Day Special Research ticket ahead of the event, which is set to occur on January 7 from 2 PM to 5 PM in your local area. When the ticket goes live, we recommend spending time during the event to complete the various tasks, as they should be much easier to complete while the event is happening rather than after it has finished.

If you do not choose to purchase this ticket and wish to participate in Chespin’s Community Day, that’s also an option that will not bar you from any content. The Community Day Special Research tickets only make it easier to provide you with useful items you can use during the event and ensure you can find at least one Chespin to reach its final evolution, Chesnaught; it will learn the exclusive charged attack, Frenzy Plant. Once the event is over, Chesnaught can only learn Frenzy Plant if you use an Elite Charged TM.

Because the Community Day Special Research ticket is not required, purchasing Quality Quills is up to you. For anyone who plans to participate in the event from start to finish, this is likely a good way to ensure you optimize your time while you play.