Should you give Zenobia her Gobstones back in Hogwarts Legacy?

Does she deserve to get them back?

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There are multiple unique characters you can meet while playing Hogwarts Legacy. These characters will appear throughout your time while attending the magical school, and some may even have quests for you to complete along the way. One character you can encounter is Zenobia, who has been tossing Gobstones at her fellow classmates. After you’ve completed her side quest to find them again, you can keep them or give them to her. Should you give Zenobia her Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy?

What happens if you give Zenobia her Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy?

At the end of the quest, the first option you have is to provide Zenobia her Gobstones back after completing the Gobs of Gobstones quest. She will be thrilled by you going out of your way to do this for her, and she’ll comment on how she plans to use them again with the other students to play more games. Here, you can choose to encourage this decision, or you can choose to talk her out of this. Because you’ve already given the Gobstones to her, she will listen to you and can potentially prevent her from getting into trouble with other students in her class.

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Making this decision does build a positive relationship with Zenobia.

What happens if you don’t give Zenobia her Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy?

Alternatively, you cannot provide the Gobstones to Zenobia, and she will ask for them again. If you continue to refuse to give them back to her, despite finding them all, she’ll believe you’re like everyone else. She comments that when she grows up and learns more spells, you’ll regret being mean to her and not giving her back what is rightfully hers. Going with this decision does provide you with the quest rewards, but it also builds a negative relationship with this character.