How to complete Gobs of Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy

These Gobstones are precious to Zenobia.

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There are multiple side quests for you to complete in Hogwarts Legacy, allowing you to meet multiple students that are also attending school with you. One of these side quests is called Gobs of Gobstones, and it features Zenobia Noke, a younger student who enjoys playing Gobstones with other students who have no idea they’re playing a game. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Gobs of Gobstones in Hogwarts Legacy.

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All Gobstone locations in Hogwarts Legacy

Zenobia will ask you to find all the Gobstones other students stole from her and have hidden around the castle. You will need to visit each location to use the Accio spell on them and bring them to you. There will be six Gobstones to track down, which will take you all over Hogwarts.

One of the first locations you can find a Gobstone is outside, in the Transfiguration Courtyard. You can find it hanging off the side of the bring. You will want to stand at the center to get the Gobstone to you.

The next two are close to each other, near the Divination Classroom. Make your way to this Floo Flame location and proceed up the stairs. The first Gobstone at this location will be on the chandelier at the center of the stairs.

The next Gobstone close to this location is on the rafters, to the right of the Divination Classroom Floo Flame, and the left of the walkway.

The fourth Gobstone will be in the Ravenclaw Tower. Make your way to this Floo Flame location, and you can find it at the top of the rafters.

At the Trophy Room, the fifth and sixth Gobstones are close to each other. You can reach this location and find it at the top of the Grand Staircase. The first Gobstone in this area is close to the Trophy Room Floo Flames, to the left.

The final Gobstone is in the Trophy Room, further inside the room, on the left side.

You can now return to Zenobia to return her Gobstones to her. You can give them to her or choose to keep them for yourself. Giving the Gobstones to Zenobia will build a positive relationship with her, or you can choose to keep them from her, thereby gaining a negative relationship with this character.