Should you go back to New York or help Athia in Forspoken? – Answered

Should you stay or should you go?

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Forspoken is a game that tasks you with helping the world of Athia after a mysterious phenomenon called The Break engulfs the land. Throughout the game, you collect powers, learn about Frey’s past, and develop a connection with the world. When it comes time to fight the final boss, Susurrus, you are asked an important question, will you stay and help Athia or run away back to New York City? The choice is yours to make. This guide will show you what happens if you choose to go back to New York or help Athia in Forspoken.

What happens if you go back to New York City in Forspoken?

After discovering that the game’s final boss is a demon who goes by the name of Susurrus and receives a lot of exposition from your darling mother, you are faced with the choice of whether you should go back to New York City or stay in Athia to fight Susurrus. If you choose to go back home, Cinta will say that she loves you before Frey teleports home.

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After a brief loading screen, you will get a short cutscene that shows Frey walking down the streets of New York City holding her cat Homer from the beginning of the game. After the cutscene is over, the credits will roll, and you will be brought back to the main menu.

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What happens if you stay in Athia in Forspoken?

The other choice that you can make during this time is to stay in Athia and help Cinta fight off Susurrus. If you choose to fight for Athia, you will be treated by a cutscene that shows Cinta transforming back into her dragon form. Frey will then jump on the dragon’s back, and the two will fly off to Cipal, where the final boss fight takes place.

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This choice also allows you to continue with the game and access chapters 12 and 13, which involve fighting the last boss and then the endgame content. Once the story is complete, you are free to roam the lands of Athia again as Frey tries to figure out a way to remove The Break from the world that she now calls home.