Should you go with Hatching Eggs, Catching Pokemon, or Collecting Stardust in the Winter Wishes Timed Research in Pokémon Go?

Decisions, decisions.

Image via Niantic

The final part of Pokémon Go’s Winter Holiday event has arrived. In Part 2, there are a handful of limited-time gifts for players to obtain, such as the many holiday-themed Pokémon and even Kyurem with its signature move, Glaciate, appearing in five-star raids. There’s also a free Timed Research where you must pick from one of three branching options to earn various rewards. Should you go with Hatching Eggs, Catching Pokémon, or Collecting Stardust for Pokémon Go’s Winter Wishes Timed Research?

The best choice in Pokémon Go’s Winter Wishes Timed Research

Although there is no wrong answer between these three options, they do offer varying rewards for you to earn as you progress through the Timed Research. You will want to choose based on the type of rewards you find the most meaningful in Pokémon Go.

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Each of these branching options features the same Pokémon encounters for every task. For example, if you catch 10 Pokémon for the Winter Wishes Timed Research, regardless of your choice, there will be a Stantler encounter when you reach this requirement. The only change for these branching paths is the final reward. The Hatching Eggs choice gives you an egg incubator. The Catching Pokémon rewards you with a lucky egg. Finally, the Collecting Stardust option gives you a Star Piece reward. All branching paths will have the same Pokémon encounters, including the Galarian Mr. Mime at the end.

The choice is up to you about what you value most. These are all decent options as a reward, especially for free. However, you cannot pick another option if you make a choice. You commit to your decision, so make sure it’s your desired reward.