Should you ink the base in Splatoon 3?

Don’t spend too much time on unimportant land.

Image via Nintendo

Turf War matches in Splatoon 3 will have you covering as much ground as possible in your team’s color ink in the short time you have to play the game. Whatever team has the highest percentage covered at the end wins. With this in mind, players will want to cover every part of the map they can, but lately, the home base area has come into contention. Should you be covering your home turf in Splatoon 3 Turf War?

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Should you ink your spawn area in Splatoon 3?

While your home base area does play a role in the final score of Turf War matches, it is an area that you want to cover after the initial opening moments of the game. Why you want to wait to do this comes down to map control. Once the match begins, all players will want to create lanes of ink towards the center part of the map. This allows you to quickly swim through these areas as long as the enemy does not cover your ink. If you get the center area covered in your team’s ink, all of you can move around quicker and easier than the enemy team, which is a big bonus to your side.

The problem that this causes is that there are two extremes of people when it comes to covering the home base in ink. One crowd likes to make sure every single nook and cranny is covered before they leave. This allows the enemy team more time to cover the central area of the map and start working towards your base. The other extreme is that people never go back to cover the home base, just giving up points for the end tally.

We recommend starting the game rushing toward the middle to cover as much of the central area as possible. After someone gets splatted for the first time, then one person on the team should cover the home base as the other three fight for control in the middle and toward the enemy’s spawn. While inking your base, do not worry about covering every inch of land. You want just the majority covered so you can get back into the fight for the more important area coverage. Keep in mind it is unlikely the enemy team will get this far in to your territory, and if they do, you likely have no chance at winning anyway.