Should you keep Ethan’s secret or tell Gabe in Life is Strange: True Colors

Ethan is planning on sneaking off to the mines. Should Gabe know?


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Moving to a new town comes with its difficulties. For some, it is learning to live in a new area. For others, it is keeping secrets for your older brother’s girlfriend’s kid. Chapter one of Life is Strange: True Colors has Alex meeting all sorts of new people as she settles into Haven Springs. One of the important NPCs that you meet soon after stepping off the bus is Charlotte’s son Ethan.

Ethan is a good kid with a little bit of a wild side. He is a fan of comic books and has even written his own about a character named Thaynor. The comic might not seem important at first, but it comes in handy later on in the chapter. During Alex’s first interaction with Ethan, he says that he is going to go up to the mines. Obviously, it is unsafe to allow a kid to go to an abandoned mine by himself, but he insists that you keep it a secret. Should you?

Tell Gabe

Telling Gabe is obviously the more morally acceptable option to choose since he is doing something dangerous. After telling Gabe about Ethan’s plans, he will be noticeably upset but reassure you that you did the right thing. He will then call Charlotte and let her know about Ethan’s plans. Despite efforts to keep Ethan safe, he will sneak off anyway, leading to you having to search for him. Notably, some dialogue here differs from the other choice and Gabe will reassure you that things could have been worse if you hadn’t said anything.

Keep Ethan’s Secret

Some might feel a little bit of regret after deciding to keep Ethan’s secret. Keeping Ethan’s secret will ultimately lead to Charlotte and Gabe being disappointed in Alex for not mentioning something this serious. Later on, if you use Alex’s powers to read Gabe, he will express his disappointment toward her. Ultimately, this decision won’t affect anything major in the game since the first chapter is mainly about setting up the main events.