Should you make Cressida pay you for her diary back in Hogwarts Legacy?

Don’t let everyone read your diary.

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After completing a side quest in Hogwarts Legacy, your character can help out the character they were assisting or decide to provide them with personal gain. These decisions might be good in the short term, but they can significantly hurt a friendly relationship with these characters. After helping Cressida, there’s an option for you to make her pay you for getting her diary back. Should you make Cressida pay you for her diary back in Hogwarts Legacy?

What happens if you give Cressida her diary back in Hogwarts Legacy?

When you return to Cressida after retrieving her books from the Library for the Flying Off the Shelves quest, the first option you can go with is to give her the books back to her, along with her diary. Doing this will relieve her, as she was deeply embarrassed by having it float around in the Library. She was worried about who might read it and what they’d think of her if they saw what she wrote in it.

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By giving Cressida her diary without making her pay for it, she will be thankful for this decision and build a positive relationship with you.

What happens if you make Cressida pay you to give her the diary back in Hogwarts Legacy?

The other option when you return to Cressida is to tell her you to read her diary and make her pay you to give it back. She’ll be baffled by your decision and ask you again if you’re being serious. If you are serious about this choice, she will pay you, but she vows to write terrible things about you in her diary when she returns to her common room that evening.

Having Cressida pay you for the diary will build a negative relationship with the character. However, you do get the standard quest rewards from her, along with 300 Galleons.