Should you roll on the Childe and Rosaria Banner in Genshin Impact?

It depends.

Image via miYoHo

The Childe and Rosaria Banner will be arriving in Genshin Impact on April 6, and people will be wondering if they should spend those hard earned Primogems or wait for something else. The Banner will contain Childe, the 5 Star Hydro character, Rosaria, a new 4 Star Cryo polearm user, and then the last two slots will be Barbara and Fischl.

Whether you roll on any Banner is always up to the individual player, but as always, there are some important things to consider.

You already have Childe

Despite Rosaria being new, the main attraction is Childe. 5 Star characters are the cream of the top, and Childe is an S-Tier damage dealer. If you already have Childe, it may be tempting to let this one slip past you. Truthfully, this may apply to lots of characters, but if you have only gotten Childe once, you definitely want to get him again to open up that first constellation. Doing so will dramatically increase the up-time of his elemental skill.

Rosaria is brand new

Brand new characters are always fun, and Rosaria’s suspicious attitude has endeared her to lots of fans already, so if you want to roll on the Banner just for that reason, go for it. If you have a lot of solid artifacts and gear for critical builds, it also makes sense to roll for Rosaria, as it seems that this will be an important aspect of her builds.

If you are planning on rolling for Rosaria, you can get a start farming up all the resources you will need for her.

The Barbara and Fischl issue

Because you can get Barbara from the campaign, she is the default healer for most players, at least for a while. Some people really enjoy her mix of on-field and off-field healing, and she can be especially powerful in parties that focus on a main damage dealer and quick rotations through the other members.

Fischl is a fantastic sub-DPS character, unleashing electro damage and she will actually work very well in conjunction with Childe, although personally we prefer to pair up Beidou with the cheeky Fatui Harbinger.

As always, whether you roll for specific characters are not is up to you, but none of the characters on this upcoming Banner are actually weak, and Barabara is probably the one with the least interest for established players while still being a very solid healer.