Should you speak into the helmet or put it down in Chapter 5 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Can anybody hear me?

Screenshot by Gamepur

As players explore the Nova Rock in Chapter 5 of Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, they will come to a part of the story that sees them find a Nova Corp helmet. After picking up the helmet, players will be able to hear voices coming through it.

Players will then be given choice, they can either speak into the helmet or put it down. There isn’t much to indicate what you should do, or what will happen based on those two choices. Speaking into the helmet will result in a group of enemies getting your position and coming to intercept you, creating an extra fight for you to play through.

Players who opt to not speak into the helmet can avoid this fight altogether, although it is not a particularly tough encounter and could get you to an additional ability point if you are close to it. You will just end up taking on some Nova Corps enemies that have fallen under the spell of some alien power.

While plenty of the choices in the game do have some kind of lasting impact, this isn’t one of them and players can happily do whatever they like, it will not have a lasting impact on their run.