Should you tell Lenora about the puzzle riddle solution or not in Hogwarts Legacy?

The choice is yours.

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While playing through Hogwarts Legacy, there are several choices your character can pick when they’re talking with other students and progressing through the game. You can make subtle choices to influence how different characters view yours, which determines their overall relationship with you. While working on the Like a Moth to a Flame side quest, there is a point where you can choose to tell Leonra about the solution. Should you tell Lenora about the puzzle riddle solution or decide not to tell her in Hogwarts Legacy?

Do you tell Lenora about the Like a Moth to a Flame puzzle solution in Hogwarts?

Before we tell you the impact of your decision, it’s important to note that the choice does not influence the outcome of the quest. You can still complete the Like a Moth to a Flame side quest, earning all the experience points and unique appearance outfits for finishing it, regardless of what you tell Lenora. The only thing the choice affects is your character’s relationship with Lenora and whether it is positive or negative.

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If your character chooses to tell Lenora about the solution, she will be thankful for telling her, commenting on how other students would have figured it out. She remarks how others tell her the answers to puzzles and is baffled she was unable to come up with the solution herself. This is a way to build a positive relationship with Lenora.

However, if your character refuses to tell Lenora the solution, you have two opportunities to try and tell her. Should you continue refusing to tell her the answer, Lenora will walk away, angry that there is another know-it-all who has come to Hogwarts and is annoyed with your character that they refused to tell her, despite her informing you about the puzzle in the first place. The choice does not directly affect this quest, but it could influence how Lenora views your character moving forward.