Should you tell Riley about Eleanor’s secret or let her go to college in Life is Strange: True Colors?

Should Riley pursue her dream?

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The Spring Festival has begun in Haven Spring and Alex is certain that she has all the evidence she needs to take down the Typhon Mining Company. Before she can take the evidence to Pike, she must first attend the Spring Festival where Steph and Ryan are waiting. There are many memories to discover, beans to count, and roses to give here, but one of the most important decisions comes when you realize that Riley is absent from the festivities.

After reading into Eleanor’s emotions at one of the snack tables, Alex discovers that Riley has gone to the bus stop. Earlier in the game, Eleanor will have mentioned that she doesn’t want Riley to know about her memory loss because it will prevent Riley from going to college. Riley is now packed and ready to go, but there is still one last chance to talk to her. Should she go to college or stay and help Eleanor?

Tell Riley About Eleanor

If you decide to spill the beans about Eleanor’s memory loss to Riley, she will decide that it is best to stay in Haven to help Eleanor with her condition. This decision will alter the ending of the game as well. When Alex confronts Jed at the town meeting, Eleanor won’t stand up to defend Alex because she betrayed Eleanor’s trust.

Keep Eleanor’s Confidence

If you decide to keep Eleanor’s condition a secret, Riley will get on the next bus out of town and pursue her college career. Unlike the other decision, if Eleanor’s condition is kept a secret, Eleanor will stand up for Alex at the end of the game and say that she is a trustworthy person.