Should you use a controller or keyboard and mouse for Overwatch 2? Answered

How do you want to play?

Image via Blizzard

How you control a game has a big impact on your overall enjoyment of that title. While there are always going to be defenders of either controllers or keyboard and mouse in every game, almost every situation has a better option between the two. If you are playing Overwatch 2, here is our recommendation for the better choice.

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Should you play Overwatch 2 with a controller or keyboard and mouse?

In all honesty, whether you decide to play Overwatch 2 with a controller or keyboard and mouse should come down to your comfort level with each input option. If you have always played games on a home console and enjoy first-person shooters with a controller, we recommend going with that. If you are used to playing with a keyboard and mouse, that is the better option for you. Forcing yourself to play with the other option is always going to lead to your production taking a hit if you are uncomfortable.

If you are pretty proficient with either option, the better option in Overwatch 2 will be the keyboard and mouse. When it comes to first-person shooters, the case is that generally, your aiming accuracy will always be better with the point-and-click nature of that control method. Using thumbsticks for that is just slower and has more potential for you to be off target.

With the above being said, controller support is available for Overwatch 2 even on PC, so if you feel better with a controller in your hand, you can connect your favorite PlayStation or Xbox controller and feel at home.

If you are playing Overwatch 2 on console, you are pretty stuck with playing with a controller, especially in Competitive. Even with the game having crossplay between PC and console players, anyone caught using a keyboard and mouse in the console version of the game will take a suspension and a possible ban for gaining an unfair advantage in the console pool.