Sims 4 For Rent Tomarang Starter Property Guide: Which Residential Rental Should You Choose?

There are two unihabited starter units in the Tomarang World The Sims 4 For Rent, but which should you choose?

Sims 4 Residential Rental Properties Tomarang

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The Sims 4 For Rent adds a new Asian-inspired world for Sims fans to explore, and it includes two starter rental properties you can move into. But as you begin your life as a tenant in For Rent, which of the starter units should you choose?

There are several empty lots in Tomarang for Sims who prefer to build their own property to manage or live in as a tenant. But if you’re wanting to hop in to the game to see what’s new or aren’t a big fan of complicated builds, you might want to start with one of the uninhabited, ready-to-go rental units. There are two options in Tomarang, and each one has some perks and downsides. I moved my Sims into both and I’m here to share everything you need to know to choose your first rental property in The Sims 4 Rent.

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What Tomarang Residential Properties Are Available in Sims 4 For Rent?

Tomarang World Map Sims 4 For Rent
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Tomarang has a total of five residential lots. However, there are actually only two vacant rental units ready to move in when you first load the game. These two lots are 08 Taka Soi 15 and 11C Sungai Point.

There are three empty lots in Tomarang where Simmers, with a fondness for build mode, can create the rental properties of their dreams. More power to you because every property I try to build in the game is a chaotic mess. You could also hit up the gallery to grab some of the amazing rental property builds that community members are starting to share for the For Rent pack.

If you want to play as a pre-generated Sim or kick a family out of their rented home, both Taka Soi and Sungai Point have a few other rental units to choose from.

Tomarang also has two traditional residential lots, Chee-wít Chee-waa Kanto and Hothotok Shore.

Chee-wít Chee-waa Kanto is in Morensong and is unoccupied, but you won’t be renting or landlording here. You will, however, get the fun new challenge of fighting off mold.

Hothotok Shore is occupied by a pre-generated Sim family. It’s located on the shore in Koh Sahpa and is a more traditional residential property.

08 TAKA SOI 15 Property Details

08 Taka Soi 15 Property Interior Sims 4 For Rent
Screenshot by Gamepur

This property, located in the Morensong neighborhood, is only two units. The open unit is on the ground floor, and your landlord lives above you. First off, let’s cover the basic lot details:

  • Starting Unit Rating: 2 stars
  • Starting Rent Price: $65 per day
  • Lease Length: 7 Days
  • Default Unit Traits: Great Soil, Bracing Breezes

This is the more affordable of the two available properties, both in terms of the rent and up-front cost if you want it furnished. However, that affordability comes at the cost of amenities. When you first move into this unit, you’ll notice that the landlord expects you to prepare all your meals in the microwave because they haven’t provided a stove. Suddenly, that two-star rating starts to make some sense.

No Stove in Apartment Sims 4 For Rent
Screenshot by Gamepur

The unit is a decent size, with a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and a little living area. It does tend to spawn random garbage piles thanks to the poor maintenance rating, so you’ll find yourself cleaning up a bit more than usual as a tenant in this property.

This property comes with the perks of cheap rent and no active lot challenges when you first move in. These facts make it a pretty good starting place if you want to check out what For Rent has to offer without navigating the threat of death by mold. However, it’s nothing fancy, and not every Sim wants their landlord living right above them, so there’s still plenty of the rental lifestyle to live out in this one.

That said, having the whole ground floor doesn’t quite give you those apartment living vibes since you can’t see other units nearby unless you toggle to the upstairs. This might be a pro for some players and a con for others, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you want to dip a toe in an inexpensive property where the lack of luxury is the primary challenge, the 08 Taka Soi 15 unit is a great starter rental.

11C Sungai Point Property Details

11C Sungai Point Interior Sims 4 For Rent
Screenshot via Gamepur

11C Sungai Point is the higher-scale starter rental property in Tomarang. While the daily rent is the same at $65 a day, the price to furnish the place is significantly higher. First things first, let’s break down the basic lot details:

  • Starting Unit Rating: 4 Stars
  • Starting Rent Price: $65 per day
  • Lease Length: 7 Days
  • Default Unit Traits/Challenges: Mold, Spooky

The lot rating starts at four stars, and you can definitely tell from the more stylish decor and better amenities. Your landlord has provided not only a stove but a dishwasher and rice cooker as well. I will say that my stove immediately caught fire the first time my chef Sim tried to cook there, but maybe that was just a me problem.

11C Sungai Point Kitchen Sims 4 For Rent
Screenshot by Gamepur

In terms of size, this is another medium rental unit, but it does squeeze in two bedrooms, meaning you can play a larger family or bring in a roommate, which would be much more challenging in 08 Taka Soi. Because there are two units on this floor, you get that apartment-living vibe of having the other unit on the side of your screen. Personally, I like this because it makes it feel less like my Sim is just living in a small house, but not all players enjoy that empty space.

The higher-end amenities of this lot do come at a price, as this one has the newly added mold challenge. If you aren’t careful about mopping up those randomly spawning puddles, you could struggle with allergies or even fall victim to death by mold.

If you’re looking to jump right into the ups and downs of apartment living with a property that feels like a larger apartment complex and comes with some additional challenges, this is a great place to start.