Sims 4 Gets December 2023 Update Ahead of For Rent Release

While we were busy looking forward to The Sims 4 For Rent, EA just dropped the December 2023 update with new features and updates

Sims 4 For Rent Update Image

Image via EA Games

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The highly anticipated and slightly controversial Sims 4 For Rent DLC comes out this week, which naturally means that we got a December 2023 update for the base game. Simmers can download the latest version with the updates as of today.

The latest Sims 4 update includes yet another attempt to fix the perpetual “dishes in the bathroom sink” problem, among other tweaks to prep for For Rent. Let’s dig into the Sims 4 update patch notes to see what changes we can expect when we next check in on our virtual world.

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New Features in the Sims 4 December 2023 Update

Sims 4 Update Shoe Rack
Image via EA Games

In the perpetual quest to stop Sims from washing dishes in the bathroom sink, the Sims developers have introduced a Sink Assignments feature with this latest update. Now, you can click on “set sink type” in the interactions menu and designate sinks as bathroom or kitchen sinks. Will this stop Sims from taking their dishes to the bathroom? Only time will tell.

Another new tool added in this latest Sims 4 update is a “Switch Control to this Household” option that lets you skip the Manage Worlds screen and just hop right into managing a different property. Obviously, this will be a huge perk when managing multiple rentals as a landlord in For Rent.

As a little housewarming gift in preparation for the new pack, the team has also added Shoe Racks and some new cozy outfits to the base game. This means Sims will be able to take off their shoes and leave them on the shoe rack, and I can only imagine the potential chaos that will ensue.

Base Game Bug Fixes in the Sims 4 December 2023 Update

Sims 4 Pending Plumbob with Logo
Image via EA

The list of bug fixes for the base game with this latest update is massive. Here are the highlights from the Sims 4 Update Patch Notes:

  • Sims will now finish their meals, even if they also finish a drink. Apparently, subbing Juice for dinner was an issue, and now it’s gone.
  • Fires will no longer spark every time a Sim with a Fear of Fire tries to cook something.
  • A glitch where household members randomly became neighbors and couldn’t use doors has been solved.
  • Sims are practicing a digital detox and will stop using their phones so much.
  • A hilarious issue where hairy Sims shaving in your household shower would cause the game to freeze is no more. Relatedly, the excessive body hair on randomized Sims has been toned down a bit.
  • Child Sims will stop having age-inappropriate thought bubbles.
  • A few build mode tweaks have improved issues with basement stairs and foundations, letting you make your dream house in peace.

Pack-Specific Bug Fixes in the Sims 4 December 2023 Update

Baby Goats from the Sims 4 Horse Ranch
Image via EA

In addition to the laundry list of base game updates, there are several fixes for bugs specific to certain kits and packs.

The Poolside Splash kit got some updates to make nails available for both masculine and feminine Sims, and also fixed an error where Sims in a certain bikini randomly grew a second pair of feet.

Laundry Day saw some adjustments to make laundry a bit less of a pain, including dirty cloth diapers winding up in the laundry hamper instead of on the floor.

Dream Home Decorator, My Wedding Stories, Seasons, Werewolves, and Get Famous all got minor bug fixes, including preventing werewolves from checking on babies a little too often.

The newer expansion packs, including Cottage Living, Growing Together, and Horse Ranch, got a few more bug fixes and tweaks. Changes for these packs include:

  • Letting Sims actually finish the Taste for Adventure errand in Cottage Living.
  • Making sure teens in High School Years can complete their Admired Icon aspiration.
  • Milestones in the Growing Together expansion are now working as they should.
  • Mini goats and sheep are no longer selling for double the Simoleons they should in Horse Ranch.

As with any Sims 4 update, we’re bound to see an interesting glitch or two pop up before things settle, but these new features and bug fixes should hopefully improve our gaming experience while we eagerly await our Sims 4 For Rent.