SINoALICE: Memory of Dolls event – Boss tips, strategies, Nier medals, and more

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Nier x Sinoalice crossover

Since the stories in SINoALICE are about characters fighting to save their author, does that mean the Nier collaboration event, Memory of Dolls, will have you save designer and lead writer Yoko Taro himself? You’ll have to play to find that out, but we’ve got you covered with everything else you need to know to get through this limited-time event.

How to get through the Memory of Dolls

Many players might have been waiting for the Nier collaboration to get into SINoALICE‘s grim world—if that’s the case, we can’t blame you if you’re not sure how to even get started. To find the event, navigate to the story menu, and then tap on event. This will bring up all the event banners that are currently available. Memory of Dolls should be at the top. From here, you can access the event.

The event is 12 verses long and will eventually feature a Hard mode. The Hard mode verses will unlock at these dates:

Verse 4 to Verse 6July 21
Verse 7 to Verse 9July 25
Verse 10 to Verse 12July 30

Do note: Hard mode is, as you might expect, hard. By beating verses in Hard mode, though, you can unlock 2B armor pieces. Having a complete set of 2B armor will activate a special skill that greatly increases the damage you can do to all machine enemies.

Tips for surviving the Memory of Dolls event

The 14th machine war occurred during the original Nier: Automata game. Here, you will once again return to a series of factories to take down tons of machines. It’s highly recommended to play as one of the Nier: Automata characters you can unlock, as these characters will get added bonuses when fighting in these stages. 2B, A2, 9S, and Emil’s level path also unlocks further weapon and skill bonuses for these event stages. This should make getting through the Memory of Dolls event and reaching the final boss much easier.

Beating the boss

At the end of the memory of Dolls event, you will meet Simone, a familiar foe from Nier: Automata. In case you don’t recall, Simone was the final boss of the Amusement Park zone in Nier: Automata. She could pack a mean punch if you didn’t know how to fight here in that game, and she can do the same in SINoALICE as well.

Once you finally reach here, your go-to strategy should be to hit her with water attacks as much as possible, so make sure you have the right weapons for the situation. She is very weak to water attacks, and so this will be extremely effective.

Rewards for the Memory of Dolls event

In addition to your standard Twilight Crystals, the Nier collaboration event also introduces a new currency system to the game. In other modes, you can earn different medals and trade them in at the medal exchange. In the Memory of Dolls event, you can earn Nier medals for completing verses. Once you have accrued enough Nier medals, you can navigate to the Medal Exchange by tapping on Menu, and then tapping on Medal Exchange. From here, you will see a tab to trade in your Nier medals. You can use these to get Nier collaboration-specific items such as Simone as a summonable nightmare. You can also get 2B’s armor set through the medal exchange instead of by completing verses in Hard mode. This set’s skill boosts can be a real boon, especially if you’re having trouble in various verses throughout the Memory of Dolls event.

More Nier content is in the pipeline for SINoALICE (oh, and don’t forget to get the other collaboration specific weapon: the Iron Pipe), but the Memory of Dolls event should definitely hold fans over for a while, and bring in new folks as well. The event is available until Aug. 6, so check it out while you can!