Skull and Bones Cargo, Warehouse & Cache Management Tips

Your ships might be getting bigger by the minute, but inventory management can’t be overlooked in Skull and Bones.

Skull and Bones Inventory Management Tips

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Turns out being a pirate isn’t all about drinking booze and singing songs while enjoying a bonfire’s warmth. In Skull and Bones, managing your Cargo, Warehouse, & Cache inventory is the key to success. 

It’s easy to hoard goodies until your ship’s cargo is overflowing with useless stuff. Whether you’re plundering riches or engaging in fierce naval battles, having the right goods on board can mean the difference between victory and Davy Jones’ locker. In this guide, I’ll give you the best inventory management tips in Skull and Bones.

How to Store Items in the Warehouse in Skull and Bones

The Warehouse in Skull and Bones is your safe storage spot that’s much bigger than your Ship’s Cargo. You can store any kind of item in it. To move your stuff from the Ship’s Cargo to the warehouse, all you need to do is dock at the outpost and hit the Embark key to open the Ship’s Menu.

Head over to the “Manage Cargo” section and click on it to view all the items currently stored in your Ship’s Cargo on the left-hand side, while the Warehouse is displayed on the right side. All you have to do is select the items you wish to transfer and move them to the Warehouse to keep them safe and secure.

Don’t fret if your warehouse storage is currently on the small side – as you climb the ranks and increase your Infamy Level, your storage capacity will grow with it. In fact, the warehouse is far more capacious than the Ship’s Cargo, and it expands each time you level up.

It’s crucial to manage your cargo after each voyage. By sinking enemy ships, you can gain access to various resources and valuables that are essential for crafting items, tools, weapons, furniture, and more. Store your resources in the warehouse for safekeeping. As for your valuables, including commodities and consumables such as food and repair kits, keep them on your cargo. This way, you can sell them to merchants during your journey and use consumables as needed.

How to Increase Cargo in Skull and Bones

Sentinel Cutter ship in Skull and Bones
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To increase your cargo hold in Skull and Bones, you can either manage your ship to add storage furniture or craft larger ships with more cargo capacity.

  • From any outpost’s docks, select the option Manage Ship and navigate to the furniture option. Certain furniture items can boost your cargo capacity. 
  • Head to the nearest Shipwright and craft a larger, sturdier ship with a larger cargo capacity from the get-go.

Can You Lose Your Cargo in Skull and Bones?

Cutter ship Crafted in Skull and Bones.
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Yes, you can lose your precious cargo in Skull and Bones. If your ship is sunk during battle, your cargo will be dropped into the sea.

There are ways to retrieve it, whether it’s sunk to the depths or plundered by scurvy scallywags. Head back to the Pirate Den for a partial respawn, salvage what you can from yer shipwreck, or snatch up loose cargo driftin’ about the waves.

What Should You Keep in Your Cargo in Skull and Bones

Anja Rakotomanga in Warehouse Menu in Skull and Bones.
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In Skull and Bones, it is crucial to leave unnecessary baggage behind. The items you don’t need to carry all the time can go to your warehouse. The only things you should keep in your cargo are cooked grub, repair kits, and cannonballs for your voyages.

Do not forget that Warehouse and Cache inventories are shared. If you run into a Cache on a random island, store goods you want sent to your warehouse to keep them safe.

Stockpile building and crafting materials like planks and metal in your warehouse since you’ll only use them for crafting at outposts.

What Items Are Safe to Sell in Skull and Bones?

Items Menu in Skull and Bones.
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Naturally, you’ll run into plenty of treasures during your pirate adventures. Here are the best-selling tips for Skull and Bones:

  • Seek out merchants with green arrows or no indicators for fair deals, and avoid those with red downward arrows. 
  • While silver may glitter, hang onto shipbuilding materials and essentials like food and ammunition to keep your vessel’s shape. 
  • For a tidy profit, the best items to sell in Skull and Bones are gems, fine linen, and other valuable commodities.
  • Refine your loot at Saint’s refinery for future use, and watch for crafty vendors lookin’ to swindle you.