Snapshots quest – How to get the Kamera in Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact

Snapshots is a world quest in Genshin Impact that you can complete to get your Kamera. This is a gadget that allows you to take screenshots. It is pretty much the standard screenshot system but will be hotkeyed to your gadget button so you don’t have to fiddle around in menus to get it.

You can get the quest from Xu, who can be found to the right of the Mingxing Jewelry store in Liyue Harbor. As long as he has an exclamation mark on him, the quest will be available to pick up. It is a pretty simple quest overall, you just need to help him with some deliveries.

The first delivery is for Tea Master Liu Su, who you should know from various daily challenges. After that, you need to head to the far end of town, where a yellow circle will indicate that someone nearby wants the delivery, but the game won’t tell you exactly who it is.

You actually need to deliver the item to Granny Shan, shown in the picture above, and after that, you can return to Xu and hand in the mission. He will give you the Kamera to say thanks.

You can find the Kamera in your Gadgets sections of your Inventory and can assign it to your Gadgets hotkey there. After that, just hit the hotkey to open it up and take your pictures. It will start you off in screenshot mode with the UI hidden, and other than that it is basically the screenshot mode.