Sonic Superstars: Chaos Emerald Minigame Guide

Unlock the Super Form with this Chaos Emerald minigame guide for Sonic Superstars. Grab tips and strategies for collecting all the Chaos Emeralds.

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Whether it’s your first time playing a classic Sonic game or the tenth, gathering up the Chaos Emeralds is a necessary part of the game if you want to get Super Sonic later on. In Sonic Superstars, you get a little extra with your Emeralds, power boosts called Emerald Powers. Each time you gather up a Chaos Emerald, aside from internal bragging rights, you get something additional to help you with bosses, enemies, or sometimes just navigation.

How to Get All Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Superstars

This guide details how to best progress through the new minigames to get your Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Superstars so you can get those Emerald Powers as soon as possible in your run to give them a good spin.

Blue Chaos Emerald

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The Blue Chaos Emerald is the easiest to get in Sonic Superstars since new players will be just learning the ropes from this one. When you first discover the giant gold Ring in Bridge Island Zone Act 1, make sure you have as many rings as you can. If the ring is golden, jump right in to get started on learning your way around these Special Stages.

Unlike previous versions of the Special Stage, these are relatively simple. You may need to try a few times to get the hang of it, but once you have swinging from orb to orb down, all Superstars does is add on obstacles to make the further Emeralds a little more challenging to get. To gather up the Blue Chaos Emerald, swing from blue orb to blue orb until you can homing attack right on the Emerald once it gets close enough. Once you have the Blue Emerald, the superpower Avatar is all yours.

Red Chaos Emerald

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The Red Chaos Emerald contains the Emerald Power Bullet, which can be helpful in combat. To get the Red Emerald, you’ll need to watch for giant golden Rings throughout Speed Jungle Zone. You can access the Special Zone for the Red Emerald from the first act onward, so try not to speed through the jungle too fast if you can help it. This time around, there are cannons in addition to blue orbs as you try to swing for the Red Emerald. Don’t worry, though; these cannons harm rather than hurt, propelling you towards the Emerald as you hit them.

Purple Chaos Emerald

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The Purple Chaos Emerald is first obtainable in Sonic Superstars at the start of Sky Temple Zone, during Act 1. You can almost immediately find a giant gold Ring if you just take the bottommost route of the stage. If you miss it, though, the game provides plenty of opportunities to catch one later. The only trouble with the Purple Chaos Emerald is a few bombs that float around, along with the blue orbs that move you forward. Try to avoid the bombs; soon enough, you’ll have the Emerald Power VIsion at your disposal.

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Cyan Chaos Emerald

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To get the Cyan Chaos Emerald, you’ll have to put your navigation skills during the Special Stages to the test. This time, avoid walls to ensure that you find the fastest route towards the Emerald as it floats away, using the fact that the walls are see-through to your advantage. With enough trial and error, you can get the Water Emerald Power almost as soon as you run through Pinball Carnival Zone. Predicting where the Emerald will go is key to navigating this stage, so hone those skills as often as you can. If you don’t get it the first time, there are always more golden Rings to hop into to try, try again.

Green Chaos Emerald

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The Green Chaos Emerald can first be obtained in Lagoon City Zone, Act 1 in Sonic Superstars. If you explore the lowest areas of the stages, you can find gold Rings pretty early so that you can access the Special Stage as often as you need. In this Special Stage, use orbs, springs, and your fall speed to navigate toward the Emerald as you try to bounce atop it. Once you have the Green Emerald in your hands, you get the Ivy Emerald Power, which is quite helpful in navigating stages.

Yellow Chaos Emerald

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If you think the Purple Chaos Emerald had bombs, just wait until you get to the Special Stage for the Yellow one. You guessed it, more bombs for you. To find the Yellow Chaos Emerald in Sonic Superstars, navigate Sand Sanctuary until you find a giant gold Ring. You can almost immediately spot one in Act One if you navigate along the highest path. To get the Yellow Chaos Emerald efficiently, just use the same strategy you used to get the Purple Emerald, carefully avoiding bombs on your way. Once you have your Emerald, you’ll get the Slow Emerald Power for your growing arsenal.

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White Chaos Emerald

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The final Chaos Emerald you can get is the White Chaos Emerald, which grants the Extra Power. If you’ve been doing well to collect these Emeralds so far, this last one shouldn’t be any trouble for you. The first place you can spot a White Chaos Emerald in Sonic Superstars is in Press Factory Zone, through the middle path. The first location for a golden Ring on this stage is a hidden area with an entrance facing west, so try to look as thoroughly as you can while navigating green bars and spikes.

To get the final Chaos Emerald, you’ll need to put all of your Special Zone know-how into your navigation skills. Everything is present in this stage, from walls to bombs to cannons that fire you towards the objective. It acts as a final gauntlet of sorts to make sure you’ve had enough of swinging around for Emeralds before the game lets you claim the final one. Once you have it, you can turn into the Super Form for every character as you progress through the game, accessing the Secret Ending and the True Final Boss.