Sonic Superstars: How To Use Every Chaos Emerald Power

Unlock Sonic Superstars’ Chaos Emerald Powers and learn to utilize them. Master the Avatar, Bullet, Vision, Water, Ivy, Slow, and Extra Powers for a victorious journey.

The Chaos Emeralds have always been powerful, but with the latest installment of Classic Sonic, they’re even more helpful. Each Emerald has a special power, some that let you attack, while others are perfect for navigating platforming sections. While there’s no strategy to get one Emerald before another, understanding how to best use the powers as you gain them is valuable for completing Sonic Superstars as efficiently as possible.

All Chaos Emerald Power & How To Use Them in Sonic Superstars

This list below details all-new Chaos Emerald Powers and how to best use them in Sonic Superstars.

Avatar Power

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The first Emerald Power in Sonic Superstars is the one you get from the Blue Chaos Emerald. Avatar Power grants you the ability to summon multiple clones of yourself. They run across the screen, destroying everything they can in their path. As a first ability, this one is widespread in application, able to clear enemies from a screen instantly. For bosses, this ability can reward you with a few extra shots, depending on where each Avatar lands on your boss.

Bullet Power

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You get the Emerald Power Bullet from the Red Chaos Emerald in Sonic Superstars. Bullet is an offensive power that practically gives you a Spin Dash that you can use anywhere. Activating this power causes you to float wherever you are, spinning with a directional indicator that shows where you’ll go when you release Bullet. While it can be useful for taking out regular enemies, this power is much more useful for bosses. You can use Bullet to get off free hits, when the opportunity arises, provided you’re quick enough to activate and release within your hitbox time window.

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Vision Power

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Vision is the Emerald Power you get from the Purple Chaos Emerald. It’s not one that you use for attacking enemies. Instead, you can use it to seek out hidden areas among each of the Zones. While using Vision, keep a look out for visual indicators that Vision picks up on around the screen. If you follow what Vision signals, you’ll find plenty of hidden areas that you couldn’t before.

Water Power

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Water Power is another navigation ability you can get by obtaining the Cyan Chaos Emerald. This power allows you to swim in water with zero fear, turning your character into a liquid as they effortlessly go up waterfalls or into water areas with heightened speed. The only issue is it doesn’t last forever. Time your uses of the Water Power efficiently so that you don’t swim up a creek with no paddle to speak of. Once your Water Power runs out within water, your timer for air begins.

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Ivy Power

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Getting the Green Emerald gives you Ivy Power. Using it is pretty simple in Sonic Superstars: activate this ability to grow a massive ivy stalk that you can control as it grows. This can get you up to areas that you couldn’t before, as Amy and Sonic. While it may not destroy enemies, it is a handy way to get around the stages if you’re determined not to fly or climb as Tails or Knuckles. For certain bosses, this Ivy can also be a great help to get some air so that you may rain down spiky blue damage points from above.

Slow Power

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To slow down time, get the Yellow Chaos Emerald as soon as you can. This is by far one of the most useful powers and the easiest to use. Activating the Slow Power slows time down, making navigation an ease for tricky platforming spots. Using it against a boss works astoundingly well, too, giving you ample time to hit them with your hammer or bonk their heads more than a few times before the power expires.

Extra Power

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The Extra Power is the final tool in your arsenal that you can use against Badnik armies. This power, once obtained, is unique depending on which character you’re playing as. For Sonic, Extra means he now has a homing attack that he can use against both enemies and bosses. For Tails, it means he can shoot forth a tornado against enemies that do damage throughout its path. In Knuckles’ case, he punches rapidly in one spot against an enemy. And finally, for Amy, the Extra Power grants her a ranged attack: throwing her hammer in front of her. These attacks mostly center around range, so if you want to use this ability most effectively, consider using the ability before one of your close-range attacks for double damage.