Don’t Touch The Art | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

 Don’t Touch The Art | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough

After checking Yuri’s voicemail in the previous mission, get out of the place to continue the next main mission Don’t Touch The Art. In this mission, you will be visiting an Auction Room for some investigation. You will also play as Mary Jane in one objective between where you have to investigate the items in the room.

Don't Touch The Art Walkthrough

Don’t Touch The Art Walkthrough

As the chapter starts you will have to be quiet, play in stealth mode and take down the guards.

Investigate The Auction House

Follow the marker, it is best to visit the surveillance towers first to sync the map. Next, as you reach the marked location there will be a cutscene. After having control crawl straight and look left for a yellow sign, it is the vent that will take you down. Walk on the metal line, and shoot a web on the floor. This mission will be in stealth mode. By shooting it on the floor it will distract the enemy and as it walks beneath you use Perch Takedown.

Don't Touch The Art Walkthrough

Silently Defeat Enemies:

After taking down the first guard look on the left corner for a vent. Once again look for a yellow vent and you will find a guard just below it. You will have to quietly walk behind the enemy for Stealth Takedown. Once you are down there will be two guards on your right. Look on the left corner of the door for a vent. You will see the hostage, go down and there will two guards right below. If you see a Danger icon on the enemy that means if you attack them you will be detected. You have to create a distraction just shoot a web on any nearby object. Like a gray box. Take down the distracted guards. Below you will see a camera that will trigger a cutscene.

Photograph Kakiemon Baku:

After the cutscene you will control Mary Jane, follow the women. She will show you a monument just click a photo. Follow her and click a photo of a painting. Next, she will take you to a ceremonial tea set, click the picture and then she will walk away to receive a call. Take the picture of the statue you can see through the door.

Sneak into Office:

Go to the restroom and then quietly follow the women. You have to watch for a yellow and red sign. Yellow means people are suspicious and red means you are spotted. Walk slowly and follow the marker. Stay hidden until the women moves away from the door. You will have to wait behind the desk with a ceremonial tea set, once you see the marker walk towards the desk near the room by staying hidden. Crouch and move and you will see the statue.

Investigate Office:

Don't Touch The Art Walkthrough

For a clue look on the painting on the right wall above a computer desk. Turn around and there is another desk with a brochure and a book on it. Look on both of them, the book will give you a clue. Go to the statue and move the statue same as shown in the picture above. You will have to move the right hand up, turn the neck left, close the mouth and move the left hand down and open it. Turn right and look on the table with artifacts, pick the one on the extreme right. Carry it to the statue and there will be a cutscene.

Quietly Subdue Enemies:

Once MJ is gone look on the top right there is a exit that will take you to the room with a hostage and the enemies. You will see them all around. You will have to quietly subdue them, jump on the truss and slowly walk around. Target the isolated enemies first, if you find them standing in out of your range shoot web to lure them. Look for the question mark sign on them, if its white then you can quietly take them down. Go to the next room and follow the same process. Scan for enemies location first. If two enemies are standing side by side, shoot web on any nearby object to lure them away. And then one by one take down the remaining enemies.

Defeat all enemies:

Don't Touch The Art Walkthrough

After clearing them you will see MJ is attacked. Now you will be in a fist fight with the enemies. After taking down a few one, an enemy with the mask will come with a weapon in his hand that will release a wave of dark energy. To stop him shoot web first and then attack. More will join the party. This is a new kind of weapon you will be dealing with, one attack and you can almost loose 25% of your health. First thing do is to web attack and disarm him and then attack. After you had done defeating them there will be a cutscene.

This finishes the mission, you will earn 2750 XP, Level 7 and 1 Skill point. You can read our next walkthrough that covers multiple missions and Shocker Boss Fight. For more updates and tips on the game, you can also have a look into our Marvel’s Spider-Man Wiki guide for more updates on the game.