Supply Run, Heavy Hitter | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough| Defeat Rhino & Scorpion Boss

 Supply Run, Heavy Hitter | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough| Defeat Rhino & Scorpion Boss

In the previous chapter Streets Of Poison, after defeating Scorpion, go to F.E.A.S.T to play the next main mission Supply Run. In this, you will play as Miles who is trying to gather some medicines and get stuck between Scorpion and Rhino. In the next mission Heavy Hitter just after this, you will face two bosses Rhino and Scorpion.

Supply Run, Heavy Hitter Walkthrough

Supply Run Walkthrough

You will play as Miles in this main mission who is trying to collect some antibiotics for the shelter people but eventually gets between Rhino and Scorpion.

Find Antibiotics:

At the shelter, after talking to Aunt May you will play as Miles. Quietly walk through the burned car, you will see the marker one after another. Use hacking to distract the prisoners, look for a sign over it. After crossing the wall you will see the medical supplies in the tent on the left side. Next hack the junction box on the wall on your right to distract prisoners and walk straight, cross the tent and go right. Once again hack the generator and pass through the prisoners. This will be a slow stealth mission. There are drones also that will be easier to distract. You have to head to the second supply box. For the third, you will have to avoid snipers.

Just use hacking to distract the guard and once the sniper red line crosses away crawl through the crashed car. You will reach the third supply box. This will trigger a cutscene where you will see Rhino and Scorpio attacking the area.

Hide From Rhino and Escape

After Rhino is alerted by a voice, he will try to locate Miles. Hack the light next to him and take the tunnel on left. Walk slowly below him and you will reach the exit. Wait there for while and then go out. Jump over the boxes in your front to the other side of the road. He will throw objects to block your way, stay hidden, and then walk behind the green crates. Once he goes way sneak behind him towards the end and turn left. Pass through the containers and once again you will reach a vault. Rhino will break open the exit, go out and hide behind the forklift. You will see the final marker, back the forklift and run towards the exit container. The path will be locked, hike the machine to lure Rhino into breaking the exit path. Cross through the container and done.

Miles is able to safely escape from Rhino, in the next cutscene you will see Miles is surrounded by prisoners. But he manages to work things out. This completes the chapter. You will earn 5000XP for this mission, Level up and a skill point.

Heavy Hitter Walkthrough

In this mission, you will be directly facing two big enemies Rhino and Scorpion side by side. This will be a tough fight.

Find Rhino:

Follow the marker and you will see crazy Rhino messing out with Sabel guards. This will trigger your right with Rhino.

How To Defeat Rhino: Boss Fight

Once the fight begins, you will have to first dodge his attacks. He will just charge into you and you can jump off. But to cause damage you will have to use heavy objects around. One of the objects you will find is hanging crates and pipes. Lure the Rhino below the objects and then press L1+R1 to pull it over the beast. He will be stunned for a while, you can attack him with a few good combos at that time. But don’t stay near for long, once he punches the ground run away. He will also throw heavy debris on you. There is no use of attacking Rhino all you need is to lure him below heavy objects and then pull it over him. Stay far so that you can easily dodge his throwables. After the first phase of the fight when you are almost done with Rhino, Scorpion will jump.

How To Defeat Rhino & Boss Fight

In the next phase of the fight, you will be fighting Rhino and Scorpion side by side. Scorpion will throw poison shots on you, while Rhino on the other side will try to charge in. To stop Rhino you will have to lure him below heavy objects. For Scorpion, you can web him and attack. Most of the time you will have to dodge the attack. But Once you have a chance to stun Rhino attack him first. Web Scorpion and fight Rhino. Stay near the heavy object so that when Rhino charges towards you pull it, web Scorpion and hit Rhino.

Keep following the process a number of time, Rhino will get weaker, also when you find Scorpion you can attack him and Rhino will throw a huge rock. Just on right time, you can dodge, and Scorpion will take the damage. This strategy will also help you a lot. After a short while, both all will be tired. After a short cutscene, Rhino will attack Scorpion and this completes the fight.

The mission is over once you are done defeating both the bosses, you can read our walkthrough on the next mission Step Into My Parlor.

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