Into The Fire, Picking Up The Trail | Spider-Man PS4 Walkthrough | Defeat Electro & Vulture

Into The Fire & Picking Up The Trail Walkthrough

In the previous mission Out Of The Frying Pan, things were tough for Spider-Man. Beaten badly Yuri managed to save him, on the other side Dr.Octavius turns out to be the real menace. Getting back on your foot you will have to play some side-objectives before you get the main mission. After Yuri's call, you will unlock Sable Outposts and Prisoner Camps. This will reward you Base Tokens. You will require to play a few of this before getting the main mission - Into the Fire.

Into The Fire & Picking Up The Trail Walkthrough

Into The Fire Walkthrough

In this mission, you will have to save different police departments from Electro and Rhino.

Save all police departments:

Yuri will tell you about Six Sinister are attacking various police departments. Rhino and Electro are the first two targets. You will see two markers one on the east side and other on the west. If you begin towards the west first then you will be facing Electro. This will be a boss fight.

Stop Electro

First, disable the transformers on the roof. There will be Daemons who will be guarding the, you have to first defeat them and then you will have to target the transformers. Just shoot the electric web and done. All of them are placed on the roofs of surrounding buildings. After breaking them, the trapped Police officers are free now. There will be a fight among them, help the cops.

Stop The Riots

Go to the next marker towards Rhino. First, help the cops to stop the riots. You will see a yellow square these are the places where you will have to subdue the armed prisoners. This fight will take time, in between Spider-Man will also be attacked by Sabel guards. You have to use Web Strike to close the gap on Sable Jetpack. You will have to dodge their gadget-disabling plasma barrage. After clearing the riots, go to the Veteran's  Center.

Go To Veteran's Center

The building will be on fire, the second issue with be Sable guards. They will be attacking you so you have to fight them off first. Next, go on the roof of the building and there will be a cutscene. The chapter is over after the cutscene, you will earn 5000XP, Level up and a skill point.

Picking Up The Trail Walkthrough

After saving Electro in the previous mission in this one you will be fighting with two bosses Electro and Vulture.

Investigate Time Square:

Go o Time Square, and talk to the police officer. You will have to investigate the place for the residue of Devils Breath. look on the road you will see some billboards. This will trigger a puzzle where you will have to match the patterns to unlock the substance. The solution is below.

Into The Fire & Picking Up The Trail Walkthrough

Scan the place and follow the vapor trails, it will take you to  the top of the building where Otto released Devil's Breath and a access hatch. 

Investigate Otto's Lair

Scan for wires, you will see a junction box, hit it to turn on the light. Go towards the blueprint on the wall where you will find a recorder. Next look on the right that has some Sabel tech. Turn around and take the stairs that will take you towards neural interface device.  Investigate the mask on the right table, read the note and then look the recorder. On your right, you will find more tables with the recorder, pc screen, papers, etc. After checking the two tables go further in there is a bed on the left. You will find another recorder on the table on its right, you will get some info on Vulture. The table next has info on Electro. Look the map on another table ahead on the right with a UV bulb.

Into The Fire & Picking Up The Trail Walkthrough

To make the lamp working, can the liar and you will see some cables, it will lead you to a junction box. Shoot electric web on it to activate the UV bulb and it will reveal hidden markings on the map. Look all the markings one by one and you will get detailed about the plan. Scan once again and it will take you to a box which has video message. Next Vulture will trap Spider-Man and lead him to Electro. You will be fighting with Electro and Vulture side by side.

How To Defeat Electro & Vulture - Boss Fight

Dodge his electrical surge attacks, and try to near. Once you are near enough you will see a key prompt, press it and you can release some good combos on him. He will stand over a transformer and release another attack, destroy the transformer. Vulture will join in. Press the key as circle Vulture comes near for some powerful combo attacks. Electro will return with some powerful attacks and just after that Vulture will attack. Dodge the electrical surge first and then watch out for Vulture. You will be focusing more on Vulture here. At the same time dodge Electro's attack. Just press the right key as it appears on the screen to hit Vulture as well to dodge his attacks. Vulture will release some projectiles, use it against him.

Vulture will run away, and Electro will join the party. You will be facing him now. At first dodge his attacks, once you are near, shoot web on his, and then press the triangle key for combo attacks. He will once again stand on a transformer destroy it. Next, you will be using throwables on him. When Vulture jumps in the press the circle key to dodge. The fight will continue. To hit vulture use his projectiles by throwing it on him. Go near only after you use a throwable on him. The problem will be electro, he will constantly attacking you, after a few combos Vulture will escape.

Target Electro, press the triangle key at the right time and you can attack him. As Vulture hops back in, press the right key prompts and he will be out of the right. Next is electro, stay a bit away from him and dodge his attacks. Once he slows down go near and use the key prompts. Destroy the transformer for the last time and he is out.

The mission is over once you defeat both, you will earn 5000XP, Level Up and a skill point. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission Streets Of Poison. For more updates on the game do check our Marvel's Spider-Man Wiki guide.

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