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Step Into My Parlor Walkthrough

After defeating Rhino and Scorpion in the last mission Heavy Hitter, in the next mission Step Into My Parlor, you will play as Mary Jane. She is investigating at Norman's Penthouse where you have to quietly locate a hidden lab that will reveal you the location of a hidden Biotech facility.

Step Into My Parlor Walkthrough

Step Into My Parlor Walkthrough

As Mary Jane, you will be quietly sneaking into Norman's Penthouse which is guarded by Sabel guards.

Meet MJ at Norman's Penthouse:

Follow the marker and you will switch to Mary Jane. Once again this will be a stealth kind of mission where as MJ you will have to sneak into the Penthouse. First thing you will have to do is enter the security room. To locate the security room you will have to talk to the people inside. First is the receptionist he will tell you about the security room. Follow the next marker and you will see the guards in front of the security. On your right, you will see a few group of civilians among which one is talking about his inhaler. Next go left and talk to the couple and then another group in the end. All the people will know to walk towards the security guard who will open the door. To enter, sneak from behind.

Pick Up the Stun Gun:

Once you are in take the stun gun and the door will open. Use the gun on the guard, next distract the guard and then use the gun on him also. Keep walking through the lobby and you will reach a room with CCTV screen. Stun the guard inside and then access the console. Exit the room and follow the marker. You will be back in the main lobby. Go towards the elevator and you will see Norman walking out. Sneak from behind.

Explore Norman's Penthouse:

You will now have to explore the room. Start from Norman's desk on the left. You will find a mask and schematics on it. Pick the mask and it will give you details of a hidden door. Walk towards the book shelf and you will find another blueprint. On the dining table, you will find a work-order with a code in it. Go towards the hidden door and you will see a photo of Norman and Harry. There is a square wooden panel on the right move it and you will see a secret keypad.

Find The Keypad Code:

A new door will open up after this, just turn around and look on your right. On the desk, you will find a paper. Go straight ahead and you will find a phone on the right, which has as Harry's recorded message. Go further ahead and you will be in Harry's room. Walk towards the marker that will take you to the room. The room will be locked, around you will see some photos, go outside and look on the family photo on the wall on right above a lamp. Go outside in the balcony and you can enter the Norman's room from the other side. On the wall, you will see camping buttons, and on the round table, you will see a newspaper cutout. On the right of the bird look for a photo of Harry's Mom. Behind the photo, you will find a key. Go to Harry's Room and unlock it. You will see a hospital bed and wheelchair. Next to the bed look on a small table. Look near the books and search on the corner left of room for a journal. You will get the code in it.

Return to the Study:

In the next cutscene you will see Norman returns back and discussing about a plan. Sneak quietly and wait for the guards to move away. Two of them will block your path, let the guards move around you just have to quietly walk towards the study. You can just create a distraction and walk towards the keypad and unlock it.

Locate Biotech Facility:

The hidden door will give you access to a hidden lab. Walk right and you will see some spiders. On the desk ahead you will find a recorder which reveal something about Devil's breath. Next check the table in the center which will reveal the city map. Select VIP and check the VIP movements. Next is Defense, that will reveal Oscorps building. Third is Sable patrols you will see their deployments. This is kind of a puzzle, under VIP select Dr.Michaels, under Oscorp Building select Records and under Sable Patrols select Bravo Patrol. Click the last  location that will reveal GR-27 Biotech Facility.

Step Into My Parlor Walkthrough

MJ finally gets the location of Biotech Facility, in the cutscene you will see experiments on a kid that fails and the kids parents die. MJ founds that Norman and Otto are the one who created Martin Li. Now you have to quietly escape the place.

Get to the balcony:

After the alert, there will be a lot of Sabel guards around. You have to use the same strategy of distracting the guards and then walking behind them. You will have to reach the balcony. Keep scanning for guards walking direction. There are lots of objects around where you can easily hide. Once you reach the balcony you will have clear a guard by first distracting him and then using a stun gun. This will trigger a cutscene, where Silver finds MJ.

Spider-Man catches MJ after she jumps from the balcony, this completes the mission. You will earn some 5000XP, Level Up and a skill point. You can read our walkthrough on the next mission The Heart of the Matter to continue with the game. 
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