Follow The Money | Spider-Man The Heist Ending Walkthrough

 Follow The Money | Spider-Man The Heist Ending Walkthrough

MJ was able to discover a few evidence in the previous main quest Newsflash. Later Spider-Man receives a call from MJ about the location of a vault where you and Black Cat will both visit to find her kidnapped son. This end part has lot’s of fights, also the climax scene is not as simple as it looks.

Follow The Money Walkthrough

Cover for the Cat Walkthrough

In the beginning, you will be helping Black Cat to investigate the office of Hammerhead and then you will visit her with Shipyard for your final mission.

Meet with the Black Cat

You will have to help Black Cat in sneaking into an office. The area is almost filled with goons and you have to draw them out so that she can progress. The best way is to go stealth, you can walk over the enemies on the wooden structure and disable them quietly. By scanning, you can find out which enemies are isolated. Enemies in red will alert others.

Black Cat will alert you that she found a info on a vault. More goons will join the party but this time Black Cat will help you to sort things out. Fight with her and take down the goons. Target the one with machine gun first, it can cause a very high amount of damage. After taking down the goons there will be a cutscene.

Follow The Money Walkthrough

After MJ’s call, you will have to play a few side-activities. You can collect the stolen paintings. MJ will call you back and she will tell you about the vault. This will give you your next main objective – Follow the Money. Go to the shipyard, in the cutscene you will see the place is guarded by snipers.

Stealth at the shipyard

You cannot raise an alert, you have to play in stealth mode. You can use Black Cat here to target isolated enemies. Scan the place properly and see which enemies are not being watched. This will take time, you have to walk around and find enemies who are not in red. Side by side you can also command Black Cat to take down enemies in the corner.


By using Black Cat you can easily keep watch on others, so best let her take down the guards. And you find a high point locate guards who are alone. Follow the red laser trails that will lead you to the sniper on the top of crates. After clearing all the guards, Black Cat will look into a building. You have to scan the shipping containers, just scan and you will spot the one in yellow with air vents. A container which is located on the extreme left corner of the shipyard below the lift is having weapons in it.

An armed vehicle will enter the shipyard with lots of enemies. You will have to fight them all off. All of them are armed guards. The new weapons they are carrying are more powerful. So you will need to use a lot of gadgets here. In the second phase of the fight, more enemies will enter with stronger weapons like a rocket launcher and mini-machine gun. This will make the fight tough, you will have to target the one with heavy weapons first. Like the Rocket Launcher and then the machine gun.

Another annoying part will be the gun over the vehicle which works on auto-pilot, don’t forget to break it first. It will easier for you to fight once you take down the enemies with big guns. After defeating all of them go to the building where Black Cat went for investigation.

You will see there is no kid, she just plotted Spider-Man to collect the data drive. After the cutscene go to Black Cat’s home and there will be a final cutscene with which the DLC stories ends.

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