Stardew Valley Forageables – Every Item You Can Forage & Where To Find Them

Forage your way to the top with this comprehensive guide on every item you can forage in Stardew Valley.

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The art of foraging is often overlooked in Stardew Valley. It’s easy to see daily profit from fishing or a hefty profit after reaping the crops you grew throughout the season. Still, there’s much profit in scavaging untamed treasures scattered across the vast landscape. The grounds of Stardew Valet offer many resources, from fruits felled from trees to rare, oddly colored mushrooms.

Foraging Basics in Stardew Valley

The Foraging skill in Stardew Valley increases from gathering wild resources from the valley. Though some items are available in all seasons, some will rotate through theĀ seasons. Snow Yams are only available in winter, for example.

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As the Foraging skill increases, different bonuses and boosts will be unlocked and become available for players to choose from. Profession boosts make a significant change in Foraging profit, so choose wisely.

All Forageable Items in Stardew Valley

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Appearance Item Location Season Selling Price 
 Wild Horseradish Pelican Town Spring 50G 
 Daffodil Pelican Town Spring 30G 
 Leek Pelican Town Spring 60G 
 Dandelion Pelican Town Spring 40G 
 Spring Onion Pelican Town Spring 8G 
 Morel Hidden Forest Spring 150G 
 Common Mushroom Hidden Forest Spring 40G 
 Salmonberry Bushes Spring 5G 
 Spice Berry Pelican Town Summer 80G 
 Grape Pelican Town Summer 80G 
 Sweet Pea Pelican Town Summer 50G 
 Red Mushroom Hidden Forest Summer 75G 
 Fiddlehead Fern Hidden Forest Summer 98G 
 Wild Plum Pelican Town Fall 80G 
 Blackberry Pelican Town Fall 20G 
 Chanterelle Hidden Forest Fall 160G 
HazelnutPelican TownFall90G
 Winter Root Pelican Town Winter 70G 
 Crystal Fruit Pelican Town Winter 150G 
 Snow Yam Pelican Town Winter 100G 
HollyPelican TownWinter80G
 Crocus Pelican Town Winter 60G 
 Nautilus Shell Beach Any 120G 
 Coral Beach Any 80G 
 Sea Urchin Beach Any 160G 
 Rainbow Shell Beach Any 300G 
 Clam Beach Any 50G 
 Mussel Beach Any 30G 
 Oyster Beach Any 40G 
 Purple Mushroom The Mines Any 250G 
 Cave Carrot The Mines Any 25G 
 Cactus Fruit Desert Any 75G 
 Coconut Desert Any 100G 
 Ginger Ginger Island Any 60G 
 Magma Cap Ginger Island Any 400G