Stardew Valley Professions – All Professions For Each Skill & Which Are Best

Here’s a list of every profession in Stardew Valley, what they do and which one to choose. Gatherer or Forester? Let us choose for you

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Here’s the deal with Stardew Valley: Our dear old grandpa kicks the bucket and leaves us his farm as a parting gift. And because our day job turned us into a nervous wreck, we thought, “Hey, why not become a farmer and chill out?”

But out of nowhere, this game expects us to be superhuman multitaskers. We’re supposed to mine, fish, brawl, scavenge, and farm all simultaneously. And as if that’s not enough, each skill decides to sprout a hundred different career paths. Seriously, which one of these is gonna make us the wealthiest virtual farmer in the valley?

All Farming Professions and Boosts

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IconLevel 5 Professions BoostIconLevel 10 ProfessionsBoost
RancherIncreases animal products’ worth by 20%.Coopmaster

Lets you befriend coop animals more quickly and cuts incubation time by half.

Lets you befriend barn animals more quickly and makes sheep produce wool more quickly.
TillerIncreases crops’ worth by 10%.Artisan

Increases artisanal goods’ price by 50%.

Grows crops goods 10% faster.

Best Farming Professions

The better option is to unlock the Tiller profession at level 5 in Stardew Valley. Increasing the selling price of crops becomes the superior choice for maximizing profits. 

Rancher boosts the price of animal products, which won’t yield much produce in its raw form. The only way to make animal produce profitable is to turn it into artisanal goods, which is incompatible with the Rancher Professions skill tree.

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At level 10, the Artisan profession takes the lead. This winning combination lets Players make the most money from their farm work.

All Fishing Professions and Boosts

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IconLevel 5 ProfessionsBoostIconLevel 10 ProfessionsBoost
FisherIncreases fish’s worth by 25%.Angler

Increases fish’s worth by 50%.

Increased chances to find treasure while fishing doubled.
TrapperReduces resources needed to craft crab potsMariner

Prevents crab pots from catching trash.

Automatically places bait in crab.

Best Fishing Professions

The best Professions out of the level 5 choices is Fisher. While checking crab pots daily can be a hassle, the Fisher profession offers a valuable ability to find more treasure. 

While crab pots have their perks, like providing shellfish for quality fertilizer, the Fisher route offers more benefits. At level 10, the choice becomes a bit more complicated. The Pirate Profession is a gamble on finding out-of-this-world treasures, while the Angler Profession is a safe ticket to steady profit. 

All Mining Professions and Boosts

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IconLevel 5 ProfessionsBoostIconLevel 10 ProfessionsBoost
MinerGrants +1 ore per vein.Blacksmith

Increases bars’ worth by 25%.

Doubles the amount of coal found.
GeologistGives a chance for gems to appear in pairs.Excavator

Doubles the amount of geodes found.

Increases gems’ weorth by 20%.

Best Mining Professions

The best endgame profession for the Mining skill is Prospector, hands down. The Prospector profession offers the advantage of more accessible coal gathering. With a higher chance of finding this essential resource, players can ensure a steady supply for crafting and smelting purposes. 

Plus, it perfectly complements the Miner profession. The combination maximizes ore and coal acquisition during mining trips. 

All Foraging Professions and Boosts

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IconLevel 5 ProfessionsBoostIconLevel 10 ProfessionsBoost
ForesterIncreases Wood’s worth by 50%.Lumberjack

Causes regular trees to drop Hardwood.

Increases Syrup’s worth by 25%.
GathererIncreases chance for double harvest of foraged items.Botanist

Gives foraged items gold quality.

Reveals Forageable items on a map.

Best Foraging Professions

 The Gatherer profession at level 5 and the Botanist profession at level 10 are the winning combination. 

The Gatherer profession doubles the chances of finding valuable foraged items, making it incredibly rewarding. Additionally, it pairs perfectly with raising pigs, as you’ll always find top-tier iridium-quality truffles and occasionally stumble upon two truffles at once. 

The Botanist profession at level 10 elevates all foraged items to iridium quality. It completely eradicates the energy cost of using a scythe to harvest.

All Combat Professions and Boosts

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IconLevel 5 ProfessionsBoostIconLevel 10 ProfessionsBoost
FighterGrants +10% damage and +15 HP boosts.Brute

Increases damage by 15%

Increases HP by 25
ScoutIncreases critical strike chance by 50%Acrobat

Cuts special move cooldown by 50%

Causes Critical Hits to instantly kill the enemy.

Best Combat Professions

The Fighter profession at level 5 and the Brute profession at level 10 reign supreme. As a Fighter, attacks gain a 10% damage boost, ensuring you damage your foes significantly. But for even more power, the Brute profession is the perfect fit. It grants a 50% increase in knockback and damage dealt to enemies.