Starfield: All Earth Landmarks, Easter Eggs, & Snow Globe Locations

Here is how you can find every Easter Egg landmark on Earth in Starfield and how to get every decorative Snowglobe.

Starfield Snow globes

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Earth, Mars, Luna, and more familiar celestial bodies are present in Starfield and can be freely explored. That said, Earth isn’t in the same state as we know it today, as only a few of humanity’s greatest monuments have stood the test of time.

We won’t go into how or why Earth is the way it is in Starfield, as we already have a guide explaining what happened to the pale blue dot. Instead, this guide will point out where players can find all of Earth’s landmarks (as well as the moon and Mars) and what you need to do to reveal these locations.

The Shard – London Landmark in Starfield

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The majority of Earth’s landmarks will be revealed to the player when they read books. This concept is first introduced to the player when they buy or collect a copy of Oliver Twist, which will add the Activity Visit The London Landmark to the player’s missions.

Oliver Twist is a pretty common book, and players may pick up a copy without even realizing it. But if you’ve somehow managed not to pick it up, you can find a copy for sale in the bookstore in Akila City: Sinclair’s Books.

The Shard’s location will then be marked on Earth’s surface, and players can select the Activity to reveal the location of the Snow globe.

Egyptian Pyramids – Cairo Landmark

Starfield Pyramids
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While you’re at Sinclair’s Books, go ahead and buy a copy of The Ancient Civilization of Egypt. This book is not very common in the wild. In fact, Sinclair’s may be the only location where you can find this book.

Simply purchasing the book will add the Visit The Cairo Landmark task to your missions and will add the landmark landing area to Earth’s surface. Select the Activity to reveal the location of the Snow globe.

Empire State Building – New York Landmark

Starfield Empire State Building
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This one requires a bit of thievery to find, but that’s just how we roll on the streets of the concrete jungle. Head to the President’s Office in the MAST Building in New Atlantis. It’s on the third highest floor, named Central Command/Office of the President, in the MAST elevator.

President Abello may be present, but she is blind as a bat. Crouch behind her desk and steal the copy of Our Lost Heritage that is lying on top. This will unlock the Visit The New York Landmark mission and add its location to Earth’s surface. Select the Activity to reveal the location of the Snow globe.

Gateway Arch – St. Louis Landmark

starfield st louis gateway arch
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More stealing is required to unlock this next landmark. The book you need is called The Price Of Destiny, which can only be found on a table in a penthouse in Neon. That penthouse belongs to Benjamin Bayu, the mayor of Neon City. And in order to access the penthouse, you need to steal the key out of Bayu’s pocket.

Benjamin can be found frequenting Booth 4 in the Astral Lounge’s VIP area. Sneak up behind him and pickpocket Bayu’s Penthouse Key. You can quicksave to retry if you fail your attempt, but it’s a pretty easy check.

Now that you have the key, make your way to the elevator just outside of The Astral Lounge to the left. A new option appears on the floor select screen that acts as a direct lift to Bayu’s Penthouse. Once inside, players will find a copy of The Price Of Destiny on Bayu’s desk. Simply picking it up will unlock the Visit The St. Louis Landmark activity. Head to Earth, visit the Arch, and select the Activity to pinpoint the Snow globe.

Burj Khalifa – Dubai Landmark

You’re going to have to do some faction quests to obtain this next one, and it can be easily missed. During the UC Sys Def vs. Crimson Fleet questline, players will acquire a mission titled Breaking The Bank. During this mission, you will have to board the luxury cruise ship Siren of the Stars.

Players can find the book they need, Race To The Heavens, in one of the VIP rooms aboard the ship. Collecting the book will unlock the Visit The Dubai Landmark quest, and you can select the activity to be led directly to the landmark and Snow globe.

International Commerce Center – Hong Kong

Starfield Hong Kong
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This next book can be found on a neighboring celestial body to Earth, as you’ll need to visit New Homestead on Titan, the moon of Saturn. To be more specific, players will need to head down into the museum area of the settlement. To the right of the steps, lying on an industrial shelf is a copy of Maurice Lyon’s Journal.

Pick up the journal, and you’ll be greeted with the Visit The Hong Kong Landmark activity. It will appear as a marker on Earth’s surface, and selecting the activity will lead the player directly to the Snow globe.

Abeno Harukas – Osaka, Japan Landmark

This one is another book that requires some side questing to get, and it’s conveniently a part of the same Sys Def vs. Crimson Fleet as the Dubai Landmark. This time, you’ll need to progress that faction quest until you reach the Echoes of the Past quest.

This mission takes you to Lock, a prison on Suvorov in the Kryx system. You won’t be able to find this location until this quest, so don’t bother going and looking. And during this mission, you will find a series of jail cells you can unlock. The book you need is Diary of Kyosuke Nagata, which can be found in one of the prison cells.

Picking up the book will unlock the Visit The Osaka Landmark activity, and players can select it from their mission menu to be led to the Snow globe.

Note: If you missed the book during the mission, it has been reported that Sinclair’s Books in Akila City also sells a copy.

Shanghai Tower – Shanghai, China Landmark

Starfield Shanghai Tower
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While the Great Wall may have been wiped from the face of the Earth, the Shanghai Tower still remains, and its location is locked behind a book. This book can be picked up in the Porrima star system. Orbiting Porrima II is the ECS Constant, the ship that’s carrying a crew of spacefarers who left Earth hundreds of years ago and weren’t aware of the technological advancement made by mankind during their travels.

Board the ship and make your way to the Classroom. You can get there by heading up the stairs that lead to the Command Bay and Engineering, then walk straight across the catwalk in the room with the trees. The classroom is on the other side, on the right.

The book you’re looking for is called Essentials Of Modern Macroeconomics, and it is sitting on a shelf directly behind the teacher. Pick it up to receive the Visit The Shanghai Landmark activity, which will lead you to landmark and the Snow globe.

US Bank Tower – Los Angeles Landmark

Starfield Los Angeles
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Yet another landmark that requires some theft, this time at the HopeTech headquarters in Hopetown. You’ll need to enter the HopeTech building and make your way to the highest floor via various sets of stairs. It’s a pretty straight shot, so you shouldn’t get lost. You’ll be looking for a set of yellow double doors that leads into Director Ron Hope’s office.

The book you need, Hope Family Tree, is sitting on the right side of his desk. For this next part you will need the Stealth skill. Crouch in front of it and wait until the stealth meter goes from Detected to Hidden. This will happen for a couple of seconds at most, so you will need to quickly steal the book when the bar goes white.

Once you pick up the book you will activate the Visit The Los Angeles Landmark activity. Select it, and you will be led to the US Bank Tower and the Snow globe.

NASA Launch Tower – Cape Canaveral

This one is impossible to miss as it’s part of the main story. If you progress through the Constellation questline far enough, you will start the Unearthed mission. The snowglobe is located on a desk in one of the offices on the upper level of the facility. It’s hard to miss, but it won’t be marked like the other snow globes.

But before you leave, you’ll need to activate a special exhibit to unlock the next location.

Opportunity Mars Rover – Mars Landmark

Unlocking the Mars Rover location requires players to progress through the main story until they come across the NASA Launch Tower. In the tower, there is a history exhibit, and one of the displays focuses on the Mars Rover. More specifically, players will need to interact with the MER Progam Exhibit during the Unearthed story mission.

This will unlock the Visit The Mars Landmark activity and add its location to Mars’ surface. Players can select the activity to pinpoint the location of the snow globe.

Apollo Lunar Lander – Apollo Landmark on Luna

Starfield lunar landing
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This is one of the easiest landmarks to find, as you can activate the Activity as soon as you get to The Lodge, home base for Constellation. Make your way upstairs and turn right through the second set of double doors that leads into a hallway. Walk down the hallway and enter the second set of doors on the left to enter Matteo’s room. It’s the room with the small cherry blossom trees and the brownish-green bed.

There’s a desk in the room where a copy of Sir Livingstone’s Second Journal resides. Pick it up to unlock the Visit The Apollo Landmark mission, and the Lunar Lander will be added to Luna’s surface. You can find the snow globe by selecting the mission from the Activity menu.