Starfield: All Ryujin Industries Application & Interview Answers

This guide outlines all correct answers for the application and interview to join Ryujin Industries in Starfield.

Ryujin Application All Correct Answers Starfield

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Applications and interviewing processes are quite stressful, and Starfield sure knows how to drop all that pressure on your shoulders. In more than one instance, you’ll find yourself applying for an open position for a job through a Kiosk, Starfield’s version of LinkedIn’s easy apply. There’ll be a couple of standardized questions that determine whether the application is successful or not, and in most cases, the right answer won’t come easy.

Still, even if you manage to pass the application process, an actual face-to-face interview awaits at the Ryujin Industries headquarters. This guide outlines all correct answers for both the application and interviewing process to join Ryujin Industries in Starfield.

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Starfield: All Correct Answers for Ryujin Industries Application

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Approaching the Ryujin Industries kiosk and beginning the application process can be stressful. After all, one wrong answer could lock you out of an entire faction. To start the hiring process, interact with the Ryujin Industries Kiosk in New Atlantis’ commercial district.

Here’s the truth behind the Ryujin Industries application process: Due to an administrative error, all applicants get to the interview step. Still, that doesn’t mean this whole first step is meaningless.

Though the answers to this digital easy-apply Kiosk won’t impact the possibility of getting hired, it will impact some dialogue choices during a future interview. Here are the best possible choices during the application process to join the Ryujin Industries faction in Starfield:

QuestionCorrect Application Answer
Choosing to say you have no working experience won’t hurt the future interview, so I chose to go with None.
I felt High was a solid answer because my character has a Cyber Runner background. For characters with a different background, maybe choose a different one.
Again, admitting no education doesn’t immediately earn you a “Thanks for applying, but no” email. Here is selected None.
Since I took a minute to read the options available at the Kiosk, I felt comfortable saying I knew a little about Ryujin Industries.
Finally, state that you have a clean criminal record by choosing No.

Starfield: All Correct Answers for Ryujin Industries Interview

Ryujin Interview Starfield
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Find the atmospheric Ryujin Industries headquarters in Neon. A man behind the counter will greet you and point you in the right direction: head to Imogene’s office for the interview to join Ryujin Industries. If the directions sound confusing, he also offers to walk you there.

Imogene is quite the intimidating interviewer. Still, by following these instructions, you’ll nail the Ryujin Industries interview in Starfield and get hired:

QuestionCorrect Interviewing Answer
Why do you want to work for Ryujin Industries?
What makes you qualified for this job?
How far are you willing to go to succeed?
If you worked here for five years, what role would you see yourself in?

After this round of questions, Imogene will nonchalantly say she’d rather not be here and give you the job. The first task of a Ryujin Industries initiate? Fetch the coffee.

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Starfield: Should You Persuade or Attack Tomo in Terrabrew

Persuade or Attack Tomo Starfield
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A simple run to the coffee shop can end up horribly, it seems. Tomo is an ex-employee at Ryujin Industries, and he’s unhappy you have filled in his shoes. So much so that he’s willing to kill you. It’s best to save before approaching the TerraBrew counter to have a second chance to persuade Tomo in Starfield if things go sour.

Take this simple secretary errand as the first and only internship training. In the best-case scenario, choosing how to handle Tomo’s answer in the Terrabrew shop will earn you a promotion in Ryujin Industries.

What aligns more with this faction’s core values is persuading Tomo to avoid all sorts of physical altercations. As you’ll learn, any instance that demands extra work from the legal, marketing, or financial team is considered a hassle.

After this interaction, head back to the Ryujin Industries headquarters with the coffee order and prepare for a promotion and a little meet and greet with the executives. Your new Junior Operative position requires that you persuade and extort any objective to avoid direct conflict. It’s the perfect job for anyone with high persuasion skills and a manipulative personality.