Starfield: Where to Find the Party Cruise

Party Cruise is in Starfield tonight.

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It’s not all shades of beige and brown in Starfield, as there’s one ship that loves the nightcore scene. If you can find the Party Cruise in Starfield, then you can enjoy some drinks, good company, and dance beneath the neon lights – as if you were in a nightclub on Earth in the modern era.

Once you get access to a ship in Starfield, you can interact with other ships in the cosmos. These interactions range from friendly conversations to trading or pitched dog fights among the stars. If you have the right skills and equipment, you can even disable enemy ships and board them yourself, allowing you to become a space pirate and take as much booty as you want, and live on the other side of the law.

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Where To Find The Party Cruise In Starfield

Screenshot By Gamepur

Not all of the ships in Starfield are meant to be fought or traded with. There’s a ship hanging out in the cosmos called the Party Cruise, where you’re invited on board to have a drink and a dance with the inhabitants. You’re even allowed to turn the gravity off, allowing the party to reach new levels of floatiness.

Unfortunately, like Starfield’s Grandma encounter, the Party Cruise ship appears to be a random encounter in Starfield. Once you appear in a system, the Party Cruise can appear on the local Star Map, and you should be free to visit it for as long as you remain in the area. However, the Party Cruise won’t hang around, and it will eventually move on to another part of the galaxy.

There isn’t much to do on the Party Cruise other than hang out, chat with the ship’s crew, and post for photos using Starfield’s Photo Mode. If you want, you can go on a rampage and shoot everyone on board, stealing as much loot as you can carry, but that would make you a massive party pooper, and no one wants to be one of those.

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The Party Cruise is just a funny bit of flavor in the Starfield universe. The factions and people that inhabit Starfield can often come across a bit sterile and boring, which is why you need a ship with glowing purple lights and dance music to help make the galaxy a little bit more interesting.