Starfield Best Locations To Find Digipicks

Just like any Bethesda game, picking locks is key for all the loot goblins out there. Here’s how you can find more picks around the universe:

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It’s a little difficult to stay on the righteous path when everything is kept under lock and key. Bethesda has a way of scattering lockboxes around the world and in the universe, and the tools you need to open them tend to be plentiful.

In Starfield’s case, the lockpicking minigame is more “elaborate” than usual, and the ability to keep digipicks around is difficult. We’ll go over ways to find more digipicks and places to buy them if you have more credits to spend.

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Here’s Where You Can Purchase More

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Currently, there are many places where you can buy digipicks, but there are two in particular that tend to have the most in stock. The first of these locations is in the Narion System on the planet Niira, called the 1-of-a-Kind Salvage. It has sentry guns protecting it, so don’t be afraid as you walk down the path from the hanger and locate the blast doors to the right. The owner, Gel, can be found inside, either underneath the stairwell in the bar or fixing up one of the decomposed mechs.

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The next location where you’ll be able to find more digipicks is conveniently located on the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system. From the spaceport, you can head down to the Jemison Mercantile in the commerce area. Once inside, talk to the bubbly Amoli Bava at the counter. She’s not much for conversation compared to Gel, but the merchandise she carries is the real deal.

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Here’s How You Can Find More

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This may not come as a surprise, but many more digipicks are found sitting around the world compared to what you can find in stores. In the initial story missions alone, there are typically dozens of digipicks spread around the rooms you’ll be moving through as you reach the objectives. They can be found in most places inside bases, and even some sidequests will have exclusive areas where you’ll find dozens of them lying around. The best example of the latter is in the United Colonies quest Hostile Intelligence, where you’ll come across a room with dozens of picks lying around.

One more key thing about the shops is that the inventory replenishes every 1-2 days. If you buy up all their inventory, find somewhere to nap or wait, and after waiting for the appropriate time, you can walk back in for a fresh set of picks. This one may be a bit game-breaking, but who’s going to know, right? If you’re wondering if the game is worth buying, be sure to check out our review.