Starfield Executive Level: Should You Be For or Against the Internal Neuroamp?

You have a major decision to make during the Executive Level quest in Starfield, and you have the chance to be for or against the Neuroamp.

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One of the big decisions you have to make during Starfield’s Executive Level mission featuring Ryujin Industries is what you should do about the Internal Neuroamp. It’s a device your character had the chance to use during the Sabotage mission, and you can pick if you want to continue research on it within Ryujin Industries, or dismiss it entirely.

Many board members are for using this device, not feeling it could do too much harm in the wrong hands. But you can try to sway them, showing there are a lot of issues that could potentially come with using it. You can choose to encourage the board members to ban the Internal Neuroamp, or you can enable them to use it. Should you be for or against researching the Internal Neuroamp during Starfield’s Executive Level mission?

How to Support The Internal Neuroamp Research in Starfield’s Executive Level

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Many of the board members that you’ll speak with during the Executive Level mission are going to be for the idea of researching the Internal Neuroamp. Your Starfield character should not have too much trouble working with them to remain on this path, regardless of your choice about supporting Masako or Ularu, the ones vying to become CEOs at Ryujin.

During the meeting, so long as most members support using the Internal Neuroamp, it will go to market, and you’ll receive a cut of profits at the end of the mission to ensure this saw the light of day.

How to Be Against the Internal Neuroamp Research in Starfield’s Executive Level

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The harder choice between these two options comes down to preventing any research from happening surrounding the Internal Neuroamp. Your character has the choice to talk to the board members about banning it, preventing Ryujin from taking it to the market and selling it. Your Starfield character will need to convince a majority of the board members that this is a bad idea, which means they’ll have to use the Persuasion skill, or you can use the Neuroamp you’ve already acquired to convince them not to continue researching it.

So long as you have at least four No’s set against the Internal Neuroamp before the meeting, research on the device will cease, and you won’t hear about it anymore in Starfield. This won’t give you an additional pay bump by the end of the mission, but it might be the better choice, given how much damage this device could unleash, especially if you’re deciding to acquire Infinity LTD.

Should You Be For or Against Internal Neuroamp Research during Executive Level in Starfield?

When it comes down to it, nearly everyone wants Ryujin to use the Neuroamp Research. If you allow it to go through, there’s a large bonus for you, regardless of who becomes the CEO. However, if you’re against it, this type of technology won’t become more widespread in your Starfield playthrough, and you won’t see the ramifications of more people, especially those who side with Ryujin, actively using it all the time.

The choice is up to you and does factor into the type of universe you leave behind when you reach the end of the game, but is for the technology does offer far more short-run benefits for your Starfield character.