Starfield Executive Level: Should Ryujin Help Infinity LTD?

There’s a difficult decision you need to make the Ryujin boardroom during the Executive Level quest in Starfield, and you have two choices.

When you reach the conclusion of the Ryujin arc in Starfield, it’s time to help Masako out, who has a plan on how to handle the fallout from your actions with Infinity LTD. Her idea is for Ryujin to step in and purchase the company, assisting them and making Ryujin look like the heroes in this narrative in the Executive Level quest.

Not everyone on the board will agree with this decision, and it’s up to you to convince them to see otherwise. Alternatively, you might have a chance to throw this idea out the window, convincing the board members not to go along. Should you convince the board members for Ryujin to help Infinity LTD in Starfield’s Executive Level?

What Happens If Ryujin Purchases Infinity LTD in Starfield?

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When speaking with the Board Members, one of the big topics you can discuss with them is the purchase of Infinity LTD. This is the one that Masako is pushing for you to complete and convince the majority of board members that this is a good idea. When speaking with each member, there’s a chance you might have to win a Persuasion check with your Starfield character, or you can use the Manipulation trait, which has your personality using your Neuroamp Amplifier.

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The process will take you to every board member. It shouldn’t be a time-consuming task, with most of the board members willing to hear you out, and the Manipulation trait makes it much easier to convince them to agree with you. When they do, expect them to agree with Masako during the meeting, and your Starfield character can enjoy it. This will likely be a choice you make if you’re looking to support Masako as the CEO.

What Happens if Ryujin Purchases Infinity LTD in Starfield?

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The alternative is for you to convince the board members at Ryujin Industries not to purchase Infinity LTD. If you’re working with Ularu on this Starfield playthrough, this is a route she also wants to explore, and she believes not buying Infinity LTD is a good idea. It’s better for the company to wipe their hands clean of this affair and move on.

Similar to the previous choices, when speaking with the board members, choose the option to forgo moving forward with Infinity LTD. You need to persuade at least 50% of the board that buying Infinity LTD is not a good idea, which should be easier if you’re working with Ularu. You’ll need to win Persuasion checks on your Starfield character, or you can use Manipulation to bypass these checks.

Should Ryujin Purchase Infinity LTD in Starfield?

When it comes to buying Infinity LTD during the Executive Level mission, it boils down to who you want to work with. If you’re planning for Masako to remain the CEO of Ryujin, you’re better off buying Infinity LTD and leaning into this. She will want to use this to leverage the company in Starfield, and you will receive more rewards if you side with her.

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On the opposite side, if you’re siding with Ularu, you’re better off convincing the board members that not purchasing Infinity LTD is the better idea, and there are other concerns you should be working on. Between the two, it comes down to your playthrough and your previous choices in Guilty Parties.