Starfield Guilty Parties: Should You Side With Ularu or Imogene?

You have a big decision to make by siding with Ularu or Imogene during Starfield’s Guilty Parties mission, but who should you pick?

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When you reach the end of the Guilty Parties mission in Starfield, there’s a difficult choice you’ll have to make. You’ve caught up with Imogene, the supposed mole of Ryujin Industries, but you learn that it is actually Ulara, and Imogene is working as a double agent.

You have all the proof you need to show that Ularu was the mole. However, you also have the option to speak with Ularu, who will have you turn on Imogene, in the hopes of potentially becoming the CEO. Should you side with Ularu or Imogene during Starfield’s Guilty Parties mission?

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What Happens Siding with Ularu in Guilty Parties in Starfield?

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For anyone who wants to side with Ularu during the Guilty Parties quest, head up to her office and speak with her directly. You’ll have the chance to tell her you have evidence to prove she was in the mole at Ryujin, and your Starfield character can give her the chance to turn herself in or confirm that she was. You have the chance to win a Persuasion mini-game to prove she is the mole, or you can tell her you’ll give her the files that prove she is the mole. Regardless, she’ll confirm it, and you can choose to side with Ularu or Masako.

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If you side with Masako, you’ll be going against Ularu, and when you speak with Dalton, you can confirm it was Ularu. However, to choose to side with Ularu, tell her you’re going to side with her, or you want to side with credits. Those answers mean the same thing. Now, when you go to Dalton, every choice will be to Lie about Imogene, and how she was the mole at Ryujin for this Starfield playthrough.

You can make this decision after helping out Benjamin Bayu, who asked you to steal Kumiho’s Slate while you went to check on Imogene at the Syndicate hideout.

What Happens Siding with Imogene in Guilty Parties in Starfield?

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The alternative to siding with Ularu is to expose her, supporting Imogene. Rather than speaking with Ularu (although you can by telling her that you’re going to side with Masako), go straight to Dalton. When you speak with Dalton, every answer you give will expose Ularu, giving him the Slate to prove that Imogene was never involved.

Dalton will thank you for providing him with the information, and you can move on to the next quest for this series of Starfield missions for Ryujin Industries.

Should You Choose Ularu or Imogene for Guilty Parties in Starfield?

The consequences and reactions for this mission do not immediately happen. Instead, you’ll have to deal with them later, where your Starfield character has the chance to choose the fate of Ryujin Industries, siding with a CEO to protect the company and guiding it forward into the future. Your decision will make it easier for Imogene or Ularu to have a larger role moving forward, and exposing Ularu could have a lot of ramifications for everything.

The decision is up to you and your Starfield character. I do recommend considering who you want to support at the end of the Ryujin missions.