Starfield: Failure to Communicate – How to Find the Safe Key

During Starfield’s Failure to Communicate quest, players will need to seek out a safe key if they want to take home the best loot.


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Starfield’s Failure to Communicate quest is one players will likely pick up as they explore the game’s vast galaxy. When they eventually get around to tackling the quest, players will discover that there’s a lot of loot to be gained, but it requires a key.

The lucrative raid that concludes the quest will be so much less so if players go in guns blazing and ignore everything around them. This guide outlines where to find the best loot, the stolen, safe, and how to find the key for it so everyone can claim its goods for themselves.

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Safe Key Location in Starfield Failure To Communicate Quest

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The safe key in the Failure to Communicate quest in Starfield is located in the captain’s room at the top of the Spacer station that players will assault at the end of this quest. It’s on the right-hand side of the table opposite the computer in the captain’s room.

After fighting against a few Spacer ships earlier in the quest, players conclude this line of objectives by assaulting a retro-fitted space station where the Spacers have stored a massive safe from a GalBank transport vessel.

This can all be discovered by reading the logs on the computers around the station. The one on the lowest floor will also allow players to turn on the nearby robots, who will then fight for the player against the Spacers.

The computer in the captain’s room reveals how one Spacer pulled the safe from a GalBank ship and brought it back. However, they wanted more than their fair share, so the other Spacers threw them out of the airlock. The captain has been keeping the safe key in the captain’s room to prevent any other Spacers from grabbing the loot for themselves.

How to Find the Safe in Failure to Communicate in Starfield

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The safe in the Failure to Communicate quest in Starfield is located on the lowest floor of the Spacer space station’s upper deck. It’s tucked away in a cupboard at the back of the ship but is easy to find because it’s a giant block of four safes with green lights on. These safes can only be unlocked with a key, so if players encounter them, they’ll remember them.

The contents of these safes will vary for each player. We found thousands of Credits, lots of ammo and aid items, and a fairly decent weapon that, if nothing else, can be sold for a profit. If players want to earn a lot of Credits quickly, this quest is worth doing because there’s also a 5,000 Credit payoff at the end.

How to Start Failure to Communicate in Starfield

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To start Failure to Communicate in Starfield, players need to encounter a broadcast from a LIST member called Alban Lopez. We picked this up while darting between systems, completing other objectives. Once the broadcast has been heard, the quest will be added to a player’s Activities log so they can take it on later.

We suggest heading out to complete this quest as early as possible. It’s a low-level mission that will award players with some great loot and a lot of XP. If players are struggling to find missions they can complete in easier systems, this is one to prioritize.