Starfield False Positives: How to Search The Security Logs

Here’s how to get the guard standing in front of the security log to move in Starfield’s False Positives side quest.

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Starfield’s False Positive ignites the age-old tech vs. human labor debate. In Akila City, Akila Security veteran David Wilson refuses to embrace Keoni Alpin’s AI for safety. Strange sensor readings spark a finger-pointing frenzy, resolved only by one thing: concrete proof from the security computer logs. Who accessed it last? Solving this mystery should be a breeze, but the stubborn guard blocking access disagrees. This guide helps you learn how to get this guard to move in Starfield.

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Starfield: How to Move the Guard from the Security Computer in False Positives

Screenshot by Gamepur

Accessing the Security Logs in False Positives doesn’t involve any persuasion or lockpicking skills. The only thing standing between you and quest progression is a guard who doesn’t seem to know the first thing about turn-taking.

It’s quite annoying when a quest as long as this one can’t be progressed because someone is blocking the way. In my case, the Akila Security guy also had his foot stuck on a trash bin, so I just sat pondering how to make him move as the incessant sound of his foot kicking the bin over and over drilled my ears. 

There is no way to force this security guy to move from the computer unless you consider murder an option. You’ll just have to wait until around 11:20, when his shift ends. That’s when he’ll finally decides to move along and leave the computer with the security logs available for you to investigate.

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Check the Access Logs to find out if an employee named Bailey Kirklin is behind the corrupted data. She should be right outside the Akila Security building so you can confront her immediately.

Now that this information rests in your grasp, it’s in your hands to decide whether you should tell David Wilson the truth or cover up for Bailey to help her keep her job.