Starfield False Positives: Should You Tell David Wilson Bailey Kirkin Tinkered with The Robot?

Explore all the possible outcomes of False Positives and decide whether to lie to David Wilson or blame Bailey Kirkin.

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Starfield’s False Positives brings the old classic debate of using technology to facilitate human labor to the table. David Wilson, a security veteran in Akila City, won’t quickly accept Keoni Alpin’s AI technology to take care of the city’s security. Some weird readings appear after helping Keoni place a few sensors along the wall. These suspicious sensor readings throw them into a blame game until a log scan reveals Bailey Kirkin as the culprit. Now, Bailey’s career hangs in the balance. So, should you tell David Wilson that Bailey Kirkin is to blame in Starfield’s False Positives side quest?

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Starfield: Should You Lie or Tell the Truth About Bailey in False Positives

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Choosing to lie or tell the truth won’t impact the quest’s unfolding. David Wilson will want to look closer at the Ashta Data outside the walls regardless of what you choose.

If you tell David the truth about Bailey messing with the readings, this will harm her position as a security guard. Even if you try to dissipate their argument by saying that she did it to make his life easier, David won’t be happy about it. He’ll constantly yap about how someone from his own team betrayed him.

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The alternative is to lie and say the computer logs were corrupted. He’ll still suspect it’s someone on his team, but it won’t impact Bailey’s career. In fact, this won’t even make him suspicious of Keoni’s device, either. He’ll even say he believes it might be helpful.

Since actually lying to David seems to keep everyone safe and has no direct consequences in the side quest and relationships among the NPCs involved, this seems like a safer route. You’re not ruining a security guard’s career and still progressing with this quest.

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After this interaction, False Positives will get a new name, Leader of the Pack, requiring players to tune back into this narrative in 24 hours. Though having to wait might be annoying, there’s always the option to take a quick nap in the Rock’s bunk beds. Seeing Lader of the Pack to completion will earn you a legendary Despondent Asassin rifle with a selection of mods.