Starfield: How to Complete Access Is Key

Imogene Salzo has another task for you with the Access Is Key mission in Starfield, and this guide shows you how to complete it.

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There are several ways you can approach the Access Is Key quest in Starfield. This is a quest where Imogene Salzo from Ryujin Tower wants for you to steal a security card from the Head of Security at the Clinic, a space station that attempts to help any patient who flies through their doors.

You can go through different routes to complete this mission, but there are some efforts that are more effective than others. Regardless of how you acquire the Security Key, violence is strictly prohibited from Ryujin Industries. Here’s what you need to know about how to complete Access Is Key in Starfield.

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How to Get a Suit or Security Outfit in Starfield

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Before you make your way to the Clinic in Starfield, it’s a good idea to prepare for some alternatives when it comes to getting the security key. Because you are not allowed to use any form of violence in this mission, my best suggestion is to acquire the Suit or Security Outfit before boarding the station. I found it much easier to purchase the Suit from Aito, one of the vendors on the lower levels of Ryujin Tower. You can speak with him before leaving Neon and purchase one of his suits. After you have the suit, have it under the Apparel category for your Starfield character.

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Although there is an option to get the Security Uniform, I searched high and low inside the Clinic to try and track it down, with no luck. Given the time investment it took to potentially get this Outfit, it might be better to focus entirely on the suit for your Starfield character. My playthrough might have had a better chance if I had worked through the Freestar Collective Faction Mission, as the Freestar Collective was the acting security force at the Clinic.

The suit is a better fit for this mission, from my experience. It was a quick way to enter the Clinic without being noticed, and it wasn’t too difficult to explore most of the station, at least, the areas I needed to visit to complete the mission.

How to Get the Security Key in Starfield

Now, when you arrive at The Clinic, your primary goal will be to seek out the Freestar Security Chief. He is not a named character in Starfield, so you need to seek him out looking for this name. From the entrance of the Clinic, make your way to the main area, and then take a left, and continue until you reach the Storage area. From there, you should find the Freestar Security Chief in the upper platforms, and you can choose to speak with him.

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You’ll have two options to pick from with your Starfield character. Regardless of the choices you make, it all comes down to passing the Persuade mini-game with this character. It’ll work similarly to how it has with other occasions, where you’ll need to select the correct choices and convince the Security Chief to give you the key.

Alternatively, if your character does not have a good Persuasion check, or you’d rather not speak with the Freestar Security Chief, you can also steal the keycard from him. You’ll need to crouch down behind him, double-check you’re hidden, and then Pickpocket him. You’ll have a distinct chance value based on your character’s Pickpocketing skill to steal it from him unnoticed.

Once you have the keycard, it’s time to return to Neon and inform Imogene Salzo that you’ve completed the mission for Ryujin Tower. You can move on to the next active mission with your character, and prepare for some more corporate espionage.