Starfield: How to Join All Factions

There are multiple factions you can find in Starfield, and this guide shows you how to join them and work on their questlines.

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There are several factions your Starfield character has the chance to join as you progress through the game. Every faction has a unique story that you can learn about as you make your way in the galaxy, and the decisions and choices you make during these story missions can change the world around you.

Tracking down these unique factions can be a little tricky. The game doesn’t do the best job of pointing you in the correct direction for each one, beyond the UC Vanguard. Here’s what you need to know about how to join all factions in Starfield.

Where to Find All Factions & Starting Missions in Starfield

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You can find multiple factions while playing Starfield, but of those factions, there are four main quests. These are going to be for the Crimson Fleet, Freestar Collective, Ryujin Industries, and the United Colonies Vanguard. Of these three, the Crimson Fleet is likely the most difficult, as there’s no direct recruiter you can find to enlist with them.

How to Join Crimson Fleet in Starfield

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For the Crimson Fleet, the quickest way I was able to join up with them was to cause trouble in Starfield. I had my character commit some piracy by demanding all the supplies from a ship and doing this multiple times. Eventually, my character was cornered by a UC ship that required I board their vessel, and join them on the UC Vigilance. This kicked off the storyline with the Crimson Fleet, where I was taken there to act as a spy, but I have the option to work with the UC SysDef, or I could commit to the Fleet instead.

How to Join Freestar Collective in Starfield

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When you’re looking to make your way to the Freestar Collective, fly over to the Cheyenne System and down to Akila City. From here, make your way over to the center of the city. Thankfully, it’s the first mission you get when you arrive at Akila City in Starfield, called Job Gone Wrong, and a bank robbery is happening in the city. Your character can choose to help out the Marshall, and you’ll be working your way through the Freestar Collective.

How to Join Ryujin Industries in Starfield

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Ryujin is also one of the easier factions to join in Starfield. There are multiple Ryujin work terminals that have appeared all over the game. If you choose to sign up with them, at any point, you can begin working on the Ryujin materials, which is a lot of corporation quests and missions, for any Starfield characters who want to put their name on big businesses.

How to Join United Colonies Vanguard in Starfield

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Of the many choices, the UC Vanguard faction is likely the easiest to join. You’ll have the opportunity shortly after you begin the main story, and have the chance to explore the galaxy with your companion, Sarah, while visiting New Atlantis. A Vanguard recruiter will ask if you want to join, and you can later return to them on New Atlantis to fully enlist, and you’ll begin completing missions for their faction as you play Starfield.