Starfield: How To Mine Ore Faster With Cutter Secondary Fire (PC & Console)

Mining ore in Starfield doesn’t take that long, but it can be done faster, making surveys while gathering resources so much easier.


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Ore mining with the Cutter is one of the first things players do in Starfield. Just as the game begins and players gain control of their character, they’re instructed to pick up their Cutter and start mining precious materials off a cave’s walls.

However, the game only teaches players the most basic form of mining. There’s a much faster method that allows players to scoop up minerals and elements from anywhere in the galaxy with unparalleled speed. The Cutter’s secondary fire.

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How to Mine Ore Faster With the Cutter Secondary Fire in Starfield on PC & Xbox

To mine ore much faster than normal using the Cutter’s secondary fire option in Starfield, players must hold down the secondary fire button (LT on Xbox and Mouse Right Click on PC) and wait for the aiming reticule to come together as a small triangle. Once the triangle has come together in the reticule, players can hold the primary fire button (RT Xbox controller and Mouse Left Click on PC), which will blast anything being aimed at with a much more powerful Cutter beam than normal.

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In the image above, the Cutter’s aiming reticule appears as it normally appears. This is what players will see if they’re aiming and mining using the primary fire only. The image below shows the reticule while the secondary fire button is being held down. It’s obviously different because the reticule is a lot smaller. Firing while holding the secondary fire button in this mode will produce a more powerful beam.

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Why Should You Use the Cutter’s Secondary Fire to Mine Ore Faster in Starfield

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The main reason a player would want to use the Cutter’s secondary fire while mining is to help them acquire resources faster. This plays hand in hand with surveying a planet faster. We find that this secondary fire is useful for gathering materials as we explore and scan things around every planet. It makes the whole process much smoother and ensures players pick up some decent items as they do it.

Is it Worth Keeping the Cutter in Starfield

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Yes, it’s worth holding onto the Cutter from the beginning of the game. This weapon can be easily picked up from vendors or various points of interest throughout the game. While they’re common enough, having one in a character’s inventory means that players will never need to look for one when needed.