Starfield: How to Mod Weapons & Equipment

Upgrading your weapons and equipment will go a long way. Here’s how to mod your gear in Starfield.

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Starfield throws a lot of weapons and equipment pieces at the player, and you can tailor them to your liking, thanks to the ability to mod gear. There are a few steps to this process, and like anything, modding isn’t free, as you’ll need to accrue both resources and crafting locations before you can start tinkering with your equipment.

The moddable equipment in Starfield can be broken into four categories: Weapons, Packs, Helmets, and Spacesuits. Your character can also wear apparel, but this cannot be modded, as it mostly exists for cosmetic reasons, and only a few affect your character’s stats. Not all equipment can be modded, either, as the Cutter mining laser you acquire at the start of the game is one example of a weapon whose appearance can be altered, but its stats can’t.

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How to Mod Weapons & Equipment in Starfield

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In order to mod items in Starfield, you need to visit specific crafting stations. For weapons, you need to visit a Weapon Workbench, while spacesuits, helmets, and packs can only be modded on a Spacesuit Workbench. These can easily be found in most cities, but there’s a much more convenient way to access them.

If you want to access workbenches in your ship, add a Galactic Workshop to your vessel. These can be found under the Structural tab in the Ship Builder mode when you visit a ship technician in a spaceport. If you can’t find them, try using the “Previous Variant” or “Next Variant” options, as there are additional components within the tabs of certain ship pieces.

If you have space, you should also build a Science Lab on your ship, as this will give you access to a Research Lab and a Pharmaceutical Lab, both of which will complete your modding and item creation ship.

What You Need to Mod Weapons & Equipment in Starfield

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Unfortunately, you won’t be able to mod everything straight off the bat. To mod weapons and equipment, you need to use Resources to build and install them. The best thing to do is pick up any item in the field with a tab explaining that it’s used in crafting, then store it on your main ship. That way, you’ll have instant access to the Resources you need when modding your gear, as the game will pull them straight from your cargo hold.

Additionally, you also need to have certain Skills to build certain mods. All four categories of moddable items have their own required Skills, so it will take a while before you can install the best mods around. Even without them, you should still be able to boost your weapons and armor with the basic mods, which is especially helpful if you find items you intend to keep hold of for a while.

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It’s worth investing in mods for your gear, especially during the early hours of Starfield, as you won’t need access to any outpost-building materials for a while. If you put modding stations on your ship, it’s worth the time and Resources investment to bring any new gear you have up to speed so that you’re always packing the best equipment possible.