Starfield Juno’s Gambit: Should You Side with Juno or The Ryujin Operatives?

Explore every outcome for Juno’s Gambit to decide whether you should attach the control board or deal with the Ryujin Operatives.

Attach Board or Deal with Ryujin Industries Starfield

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Starfield tackles the controversial AI vs. humans debate in Juno’s Gambit. Upon stumbling on a Mysterious Shup in Tau Ceti, there’s an invitation to board this enigmatic vessel, where voices beckon behind closed doors. Swing the door open to end this debate, at least in the Starfield galaxy. In the heart of the ship, engage with Juno, the ship’s AI, and the Ryujin Industries operatives to make a crucial choice: either attach the Control Board to reshape Juno’s programming or confront the Ryujin Operatives head-on.

Starfield Juno’s Gambit: Attach The Control Board

Juno's Gambit Starfield
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While Juno started as a NASA-designed AI, she has evolved beyond her original purpose, which has unnerved the Ryujin Operatives. They urge you to insert a Control Board into her. But Juno pleads with you not to, as it will “change her.”

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Following the Ryujin Operatives’ advice to install the Control Board will enrage Juno, causing it to deactivate the Life Support System. Though the Ryujin Operatives will congratulate you for handling this situation, the outcomes will become more apparent after undocking from their ship. This choice results in the demise of both operatives before Juno Grav jumps away

Starfield Juno’s Gambit: Deal with Ryujin Operatives

Juno's Gambit Starfield
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By chatting with Juno, it’s easy to understand that this AI is searching for the meaning of life, which could mean no harm under the proper guidance. Maybe.

By choosing to side with Juno, the Ryujin Operatives must be dealt with. This leaves you with no choice but to eliminate them to complete the quest. However, if you are a member of Ryujin, you can present your credentials, sparking their trust, and they will ask for a lift back to Neon without further conflict. Since I had completed the application and interviewing process with Ryujin Industries, I went with this choice.

After undocking your ship from Juno’s, you see she needs some time to process everything that’s happened, but everyone is still alive.