Starfield: Money Glitch – How To Use Infinite Money Glitch

Love money but hate working for it? Here’s how to get infinite credits in Starfield.

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There are many ways to earn credits in Starfield, but that’s for suckers, as there’s an easy way to get infinite money without needing to work hard. It does take some of the fun out of the game, but who needs fun when you’re flying around in a fancy spaceship and rocking infinite ammo and Med Packs.

Money makes the universe go around in Starfield, as you’ll be using it for everything from hiring new crew mates to buying gear. The currency used throughout the galaxy is called credits and you’ll be burning through a lot of them on your journey, as there is a lot of upkeep involved with being a protagonist, especially when it comes to building and maintaining your ships in Starfield.

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How To Get Infinite Credits In Starfield

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If you want infinite money in Starfield, it’s yours for the taking. You can use a console command to get as much money as you’ll ever want. To bring up the console command, hit the Tilde key, which looks like this ~. Once you press it, you’ll be given a warning that using console command cheats will disable certain achievements, so if your goal is to 100% complete the game, then you can’t use this cheat.

Once you press the Tilde key, it will bring up the console command. For infinite money, simply type – player.additem 0000000f X and put the amount of money you want where the X should be, then hit Enter. So, if you want 100 credits, type player.additem 0000000f 100 and it will added to your inventory. Make sure to do the cheat while your inventory screen is up to make sure it’s working, as you’ll see the numbers increase in real time.

If you’re concerned that you’re going to mess up the cheat, you can simply copy paste the line of text as written into the command and follow it up with the number. For your convenience, the additional money cheat is – player.additem 0000000f

Does Starfield’s Infinite Money Glitch Work On Xbox Series X/S?

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While you cannot access Starfield’s console commands on console, there is a workaround for using the Infinite Money glitch on Xbox Series X/S. Starfield has cross-saves on PC and console, so it’s possible to boot the game on PC, use the cheat, then switch back to the Xbox Series X/S version of the game. Just bear in mind that this will disable achievements on your save file, the same way it does on PC. If your PC can’t run it, then you can stream the game via Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and try using the method that way, but make sure you have a fast Internet speed if you’re going to attempt it.

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The infinite money cheat will make much of the game trivial, but you’ll still have challenges ahead of you. There are certain mods and ship functions that you can’t use until you unlock them on the Skill tree, so you’ll need to level up first before you can use everything. The money will simply ensure that you’ll have the best gear, weapons, and restorative items available to you at all times.