Starfield Player Discovers How To Make A Easy 100k Credits

Making money in the world of Starfield is never easy. Luckily, players have found a temporary measure for getting lots of credits quickly.

It was only a matter of time before players started to find the cracks in Bethesda’s latest RPG, Starfield. And for us lazy gamers, a recent exploit lets you skip doing jobs in order to earn an easy 100k. Being a vagabond in real life would never give such benefits, but it seems like, in Starfield, the Crimson Fleet gets to have all the goodies. In the meantime, we’ll go over the hows and whens of getting that extra stimulus we all need.

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How To Pull Off 100k Credit Exploit

Screenshot by Gamepur

According to a Reddit user, credits can be found during the culmination of the Crimson Fleet storyline. First, you should join the pirates by committing a crime and getting caught by the police. You’ll quickly be approached by the authorities, in this case, the UC, as they bring you in for interrogation. You’ll be given the option to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet on behalf of the UC. Selecting yes will start the long and highly entertaining questline involving the dastardly space raiders.

At certain points, you’ll have the option to help or sabotage the CF, and the number of opportunities you’ll be given to do so will heavily affect the story’s outcomes. For example, if you choose to help them, you’ll be given more opportunities to make great money, and the faction will grow quite powerful under your supervision. Of course, if you go the other way, you can still make some money, plus it won’t affect the exploit we’re covering.

Now to the main event: the big credits. Once you get to the “Best There Is” quest on the Jade Swan, search the Captain’s Locker to find anything between five and six figures worth of credits and other valuables. This can also be repeated by avoiding the pilot on the Jade Swan, which will start the mission, and exiting and entering the ship over time to see the chest repopulated with credits and items. This can be repeated infinitely for maximum profit.

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Exploits like these are usually “patch-proof,” as it’s pretty simple to do but to be on the safe side, players should hop on it immediately. It’s a fun time to get rich the proper way, but there’s so much to buy and so little time to make the necessary credits. For now, we have to find a way to get the job done as efficiently as possible. Hopefully, the community will continue to find great exploits like this for us console players.