Starfield Rough Landings: Should You Make a Deal with the Mayor or the Trade Authority?

Explore all the outcomes of Starfield’s Rough Landings and find out which is the best option to get Milena access to Akila City.

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Walking through the Akila City gates gives insight into the precarious situation of the Jansens. They desperately need some cash, and Milena Axelrod is the only family member capable of bailing them out. However, upon docking on her ship, her money doesn’t come from the most legitimate ways: she’s a smuggler who’s crossed both the Trade Authority and the Akila City Mayor. Though she’d love to help her family out, it’s unlikely these two will just let her just waltz through the Akila City front gate. Who should you make a deal with, The Mayor or the Trade Authority?

Starfield: Rough Landings All Outcomes & Best Choice

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Starfield: Get Milena access from the Trade Authority in Rough Landings

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Tom is an agent from the Trade Authority. He’s quick to say yes to allowing Milena back into the city since, as he points out, “the Trade Authority is always happy to facilitate business.” They will gladly produce a fake ID for Milena to get into Akila City in exchange for some credits.

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There’s no alternative here; no way to persuade or find any way around paying up. For 1000 credits, Tom will get a fake ID for Milena, and she can join her family and help them out.

Starfield: Get Milena Access from Mayor Cartwright in Rough Landings

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Mayor Cartwright has got a severe bone to pick with Milena. She even punched him in the face. Let’s just say he’s not so keen on any type of deal to bring her back. However, he offers a couple more choices that may not require straight-up payment.

There is, of course, the option to pay 5000 credits to clear her bounty. This is more than what the Trade Authority asks, but it is the legal way to give Milena access to Akila City.

Still, there’s a second option to persuade him to let go of his grudge against her. It’s an 8-slot persuasion check in 3 turns. Needless to say, it’s not an easy feat, so it’s recommended to quicksave before making any attempts.

If joining the Freestar Rangers doesn’t sound like too much of a hassle, that gets you a free pass with the Mayor. You can say you’ll vouch for her, and though the Mayor won’t be exceedingly happy about any of this, he’ll agree to let her in.

Regardless of the choice, speak with Marko in Akila City once more to finish Rough Landings.