Starfield Shadows in Neon: Should You Pay, Persuade or Help Billy

Is there any way to get intel on the ship thief without sparing some credits in Starfield’s Shadows in Neon?

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Carrying a Freestar Collective badge doesn’t mean much in Starfield’s Neon City. Ranger Jaylen will be quick to point out that this is an almost lawless city, and few people will be even to cooperate unless offered some coin. To progress with Shadows in Neon, Ranger Jaylen suggests getting some intel on the thief from a mechanic, Billy. However, after speaking with the guy, it turns out he won’t give up what he knows that easily. You’re confronted with a choice, but which is the best outcome?

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Should You Pay or Persuade Billy to Get Information on the Thief?

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As it turns out, Billy’s brother died and left behind a massive debt for Billy to take care of. Now, a loan shark who goes by the name of Emmet Goodman is after him. That’s where you would come in.

There’s the option to pay 1000 credits among the available dialogue choices, but Billy will turn down the money. Instead, he will ask you to help care for the loan shark: Emmet Goodman.

Taking care of Emmet Goodman involves finding a way inside his warehouse, walking up to his office and either persuading him to leave Billy alone, paying off the debt yourself with 4000 credits, or killing everyone in the room. Though persuasion may sound like a good idea, it’s an 8-slot persuasion check in 3 turns, which will require solid persuasion skills.

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If doing that for some intel sounds like too much work, there’s also a chance to persuade Billy to take care of his own issues and still confess what he knows about the thief. Just listen to his problem and then choose the persuasion option. Keep in mind that his one is also an 8-slot persuasion check in 3 turns, so save before making any attempts.

Whichever option you choose, Billy will share the thief’s location afterward.