Starfield: Should You Tell Delgado That Mathis Helped or Didn’t?

Mathis is a character you can side with during Crimson Fleet in Starfield, and this guide covers if you should support him or not.

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There are a mountain of choices you can make in Starfield, big and small. Even these smaller choices can have a direct impact on your gameplay, and close to the end of the Echoes of the Past mission, the leader of the Crimson Fleet, Delgado, will ask your characters to reflect on whether Mathis helped during the mission the not.

Mathis is a reluctant recruit of the Crimson Fleet, just like your character, but he has big plans for himself. He tries to convince you to help him take out Delgado throughout the entire mission, and your report greatly impacts Mathis’ future with the Crimson Fleet, and your character. Here’s what you need to know about if you should tell Delgado that Mathis helped during the mission or not in Starfield.

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What Happens if You Say That Mathis Did a Good Job in Starfield?

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The first choice you have while visiting The Lock is to tell Delgado that Mathis did a good job. You’ll want to make sure you pick the option that Mathis and you worked together during the Starfield mission, which is true. Although you led the way, Mathis watched your back and supported you in making it to the other side, even if he talked about working to get Delgado alone and taking him out to secure the treasure.

When you return to The Key, the mission will continue through the normal paces. However, at the end of it, Delgado will mention that he’s considered what you said about Mathis and let him join the Crimson Fleet. He might not think much about Mathis, but because your Starfield character did a good job, followed orders, and stuck to the mission, Mathis gets a pass. You’ll then have a chance to talk to Mathis about it in the Nova bar, and he’ll be thankful for what you said, vowing to owe you in the future.

What Happens If You Say That Mathis Didn’t Help in Starfield?

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The alternative to this choice is for your Starfield character to turn on Mathis, telling Delgado that you had to carry him kicking and screaming through the entire Mathis. He will stand roughly five feet from you when you say this and won’t appreciate it. Delgado will tell him to shut up, and the mission will continue as expected.

When you reach The Key, Delgado’s dialogue should go unchanged. However, the big difference is that he will say that Mathis won’t be joining the Crimson Fleet at the end. Again, he took what you said into account and didn’t want Mathis to join their crew. When you check on Mathis below, he’s going to vow revenge against your character, saying he will make you pay in the future, likely sometime soon during your Starfield playthrough.

Is It a Better Choice to Help Mathis or Turn Against Him in Starfield?

From what I can tell, the rewards for the mission are the same regardless of your choice. Whether you want someone gunning for you or watching your back comes down to it. In my opinion, I feel that supporting Mathis and getting him on your side in Starfield will be helpful later on in your campaign, especially during the Crimson Fleet faction missions. The choice is yours, and although Mathis feels rather blunt at first, getting his support does open him up a bit more, and he feels like a better ally to have than to turn into an enemy.

If you do turn against Mathis, don’t expect him to show up at the end of the game as an ally or an enemy. He’s one of the first characters you get to see if you want to join you, and this choice does ripple through the rest of your time with the Crimson Fleet. For anyone who is good to Mathis and keeps him alive at the end of it, you’ll have the chance to recruit him and bring him to your Starfield crew.