Starfield: Superfan – Should You Steal, Trade Aurora, Persuade, or Kill for the BorealUS Slate?

There are many options for players tackling the Superfan quest in Starfield, but only a few are worthwhile.


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Starfield is packed with tiny quests that players won’t stumble upon unless they thoroughly explore every location. One such quest is Superfan, which puts players in a precarious position, needing to reclaim some stolen song material.

There are multiple options for how players can complete Superfan, but only a couple of them are really worth it. In this guide, we’ve outlined every possible method and what happens if players choose to tackle this quest in a particular way.

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How to Start Superfan in Starfield

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Players will find the Superfan quest in the Astral Lounge in Neon in Starfield. They’ll need to head into the Astral Lounge, the noisy club at one end of the Neon Core stip, and head upstairs through the elevator. Then, they can turn right and follow the path to the DJ booth, where they’ll meet BorealUS.

After speaking to BorealUS for a little while, she’ll tell players about her missing Slate full of song material. Players can then offer to help her and start the superfan quest.

Should You Steal, Trade Aurora, Persuade, or Kill for the BorealUS Slate in Superfan in Starfield

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There are four ways for players to complete this quest. They can kill the fan who has the Slate, persuade them to hand it over, steal it from them, or trade Aurora for it. Each method has its positives and negatives, so we’ve gone through them all below and explained what happens if players choose them.

What Happens if You Persuade Stratos to Give You the Slate in Starfield

If players manage to persuade Stratos to hand over the Slate when they speak to him, then he’ll just give it to them. This is a really tough persuasion check, though, and we only passed it after multiple attempts with some assistance from items that boost the persuasion skill. BorealUS will reward players with 3,800 Credits for completing the quest and turning in the Slate.

What Happens if You Trade Aurora for the BorealUS Slate in Starfield

If players trade Stratos some Aurora for the BorealUS Slate, he hands it right over. The only trouble is getting some Aurora since it’s illegal to bring it in, and nowhere is allowed to sell it. However, players can pick some Aurora up from Euphorika when they visit the bartender there earlier in this quest.

Players need to buy access to the Euphorika Member’s Lounge. Then they’ll be able to purchase Aurora from the bar on the next floor up. It costs a lot more Credits to complete the quest this way, but it’s the only method open to players who don’t want conflict if they fail a persuasion check.

BorealUS will reward players for the Slate with 3,800 Credits and a decent chunk of experience. For us, the openness of the quest and spectacle of the club was enough of a reward.

What Happens if You Steal the BorealUS Slate From Stratos in Starfield

If players steal the Slate from Stratos for the Sueprfan quest in Starfield, everyone will notice. There’s no way to steal the Slate without being spotted. Trust us, we tried. Security will run over to players within seconds and try to arrest them. Players will have the option to pay 3,000 Credits and keep what they stole or lose the Slate and only pay 500 Credits. Either way, this is a terrible option.

What Happens if You Kill Stratos for the BorealUS Slate in Starfield

If players kill Stratos when they find him in Madame Sauvages, things will get very intense very quickly. The gang that occupies the club will start shooting the player, and anyone else in the area with a weapon will join in.

This can lock players out of future quests in the area, but it’s also an incredibly difficult situation. Even if players survive, they’ll be arrested as soon as they leave the club. This method isn’t really viable unless players want to be as evil as possible and have the firepower to back themselves up.

What is the Best Way to Complete Superfan in Starfield

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We believe that the best way to complete Superfan in Starfield is by either trading Aurora for the Slate or persuading Stratos to hand it over. If players persuade Stratos to give it to them, they earn additional XP for succeeding in the hard persuasion check.

The reason we also think that trading Aurora is a great way to complete the quest is that it requires players to explore the Member’s Lounge in Euphorika. This nets them some evidence for the Burden of Proof quest, and gives them access to an area where they can buy pure Aurora. Something that’s not all that available everywhere else.