Starfield The Hammer Falls: Should You Arrest Ron Hope or Accept His Bribe?

Explore all the outcomes for Starfield’s The Hammer Falls side quest for the Freestar Collective questline.

Kill Ron Hope Hammer Falls Starfield

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In Starfield’s Freestar Collective Ranger faction quest, you’ll confront the truth in a shocking corruption plot. The villain? Corporate bigshot Ron Hope. After exposing his wicked deeds and confronting him head-on, he’ll desperately try to get out of trouble with a tempting offer: a hefty 20,000 credits. But is compromising your principles worth it? And what consequences will it have on your standing within the Freestar Collective?

Starfield: Should You Attack Ron Hope or Take the Money in The Hammer Falls

Only two ways to end this confrontation: accept the 20,000 credits or kill Ron Hope. Efforts to persuade him to surrender will only lead to this cunning manipulator guilt-tripping you and pinning the consequences on you, including the impact on his own employees.

Kill Ron Hope in Starfield’s The Hammer Fall

Spare Ron Hope Starfield
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Choosing to attack Ron Hope leads to an armed encounter between Ron Hope and his three guards. It’s not a brutal fight, but you can say goodbye to the money.

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Since Birgit bore witness to his atrocities, she’ll be shocked to find who Ron Hope was behind that corporate mask. Depending on the dialogue choices, she’ll appear more hopeful about the future or judgemental of your actions. If it helps your conscience, a vice president is ready to take over Ron Hope. Turns out he’s not irreplaceable after all.

Back at Akila City, Marshal Daniel Blake will be shocked to hear that you had to take down a council member, but Helga will quickly back you up. In any case, showing the Slate with evidence Paxton provided before dying will back up your accusations. 

Sparing Ron Hope in Starfield’s The Hammer Falls

The Hammer Falls Walkthrough Starfield
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Remember, sparing Ron Hope will only net you those 20,000 credits if you accept his bribe the first time. Miss your chance, and the cash disappears for good. So, if you plan on taking the money, that’s your only shot.

Ron Hope will take the Slate, the only evidence incriminating him. Like it or not, this means you’ll have to honor your end of the deal. Returning to speak with Marshal Daniel Blake, the only dialogue option is to lie to cover Ron Hope’s trail. Though the Marshall is disappointed to hear the disease will not be eradicated entirely, only cured temporarily, he’ll still give you that much-deserved promotion. 

Regardless of your choice, you’ll be promoted to a full-fledged ranger and receive the Freestar Collective Ranger spacesuit, attire, and a sweet, sweet shotgun called Justicier.