Starfield: Transmog – Can You Change Your Gear’s Appearance?

Can you tailor the appearance of your equipment via Transmog options in Starfield?

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You’ll have the opportunity to earn lots of cool loot in Starfield, but does the game have transmog options that let you alter the appearance of your gear? This feature is often seen in MMOs and equipment-heavy games (like Monster Hunter Rise), as looking awesome is often as important to a player as the strength of their gear.

In Starfield, you’ll have five different kinds of gear: weapon, spacesuit, pack, helmet, and apparel. Your apparel is your comfortable clothing that you can wear in cities and on your ship, and it doesn’t have much of an impact on gameplay outside of some specialized outfits, like hazmat suits. When you’re out on a mission, that’s when you’ll be whipping out the guns and spacesuits, as you’ll need them to survive in the harsh and inhospitable environments on alien worlds.

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Can You Change The Appearance Of Your Equipment In Starfield?

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If you don’t like the look of your gear, then you’re out of luck. Unfortunately, there are no transmog options in Starfield, or at least none that have been discovered in any of our playthroughs. If an obscure method is discovered, we’ll update this article; otherwise, there are no ways to change the appearance of your gear while keeping its stats.

You do have some options for changing the appearance of your gear, as modding a weapon to increase its stats or change its capabilities will also alter its look. It’s also possible to change a weapon’s skin, though you’ll need to unlock these via different methods. There’s just no way to outright swap a piece of gear’s appearance with another.

Luckily, you don’t have to stare at your gear for long, as it’s entirely possible to play Starfield in first-person mode, so you’ll only ever see the front of your guns or whatever item you’re holding in your hands. You’ll only have to suffer through looking at your character during death scenes or if you’re playing around with Starfield’s Photo Mode.

Barring transmog options being added in a future update, the best chance fans have for receiving the ability to change their gear’s appearance is through a mod. Starfield already has a robust modding scene, and it will likely receive a ton of fan-made options and content in the coming years. Adding a transmog update seems like a no-brainer, and we’ll make sure to report on any mod that adds it as soon as one is made public.

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Hopefully, Bethesda include an easy transmog solution in a future update for Starfield, as it feels like something that players want but is a low priority when compared to shipping the game on time. This means that fans might have to wait a little while before they can become the most fabulous astronauts in the galaxy.